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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Shimizu Island in El Nido Palawan

No island hoping is ever complete without snorkeling and enjoying the marine sanctuary El Nido has to offer. And there is no other place to be than doing it at Shimizu Island.

Shimizu is part of Tour A and it is one of the popular activities in El Nido, Palawan. It is also a perfect chill spot if you wish to stay longer at the beach line. Most of the time, you will spend your sumptuous lunch here with the delicious foods prepared by your guide.

Shimizu Island will remind you of the movie “The Beach” by Leonardo Di Caprio only that it is located here in the Philippines and it has a shorted beach line. Add to that, the island is smaller. But the fine white sands, turquoise to deep blue sea, high limestone rocks with lush foliage and the vast marine life is truly world class. While snorkeling, you can feed the fish and try to identify the different fishes you can see. Add to that, it a perfect spot for picture taking whether for portrait or landscape purposes.

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