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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sea Grass Beach Resort Samal Island

Sea Grass Beach Resort is one of popular beaches in Samal Island. The resort was named Sea Grass because literally it has many sea grass. You can see it on the shallow portion. The resort has huge area where you can play volleyball. It has many cottages too. What I like about Sea Grass Beach Resort is it's relaxing ambiance, cool breeze and it has a diving area at the end of the catwalk.

Cottages are also spacious and it come also with service table and a long chair so you can arrange all your foods and things nicely.

Spacious ground near cottages. You can play volleyball, badmintion and can pitch tent around the corner. During peak season, that area is often a camping site.

They also have restaurant, serves affordable and delicous food, beverages and pica-pica snaks are available.

At the end of the catwalk is a diving area. Deep enough for diving activities. Around late afternoon, we enjoyed big waves splashing at the ladder below.

There are also cottages there but not ideal for overnight stay. At night, security guards do a roving to make sure no one is there. Kinda dabgerous if you are drinking liquor on that area and got drunk.

They also have two swimming pool. One near the restaurant and with slides. The other one is located on the top near entrance.


Entrance Fee 
Adult (ages 12 and up) - Day Tour (Php80.00) Overnight (Php150.00)
Kids (ages 3-11) - Day Tour (Php40.00) Overnight (Php80.00)

Swimming Pool Fee - Php100.00/head (Adults/Kids)


Small Kubo (1-5 persons) - Day Tour (Php500.00) Overnight (Php750.00)
Medium Kubo (6-12 persons) - Day Tour (Php650.00) Overnight (Php1,000.00)
Large Kubo (13-20 persons) - Day Tour (Php950.00) Overnight (Php1,200.00)
Floating Kubo - Day Tour (Php1,000) Overnight (1,500.00)

Mini Function/Coffee Shop - Day Tour (Php2,000.00) Overnight (Php2,500.00)

DUPLEX ROOM (Closed)  Php2,480.00
- Good for 2 persons
 - With Air-con
- Colored TV with cable
- Hot & Cold Shower
- Free breakfast for 2
- Free use of swimming pool for 2
(Each room can accommodate up to 6 persons)
(Extra person - Php380.00/head with extra foam, pillow, beddings and blanket)

 Small Tent (2-3 persons) - Php250.00
Medium Tent (4-6 persons) - Php350.00
Large Tent (8-12 persons) - Php750.00
Canopy (open tent) with table and chairs - Php250.00

Softdrinks - Php250.00 per case
Beer - Php250.00 per case
Lechon - Php300.00 each

105 Lausing Bldg., Door 2 Roxas Ave., Davao City
Tel no. (082) 224-0116/(082) 284-0159
Telefax: (082) 224-1392
Mobile: 0927-8350299
Email Address:

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