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Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 3: Honda Bay Island Hopping: Pambato Reef Snorkeling, Luli Island and Cowrie Island

On day 3, we do Honda Bay Island Hopping, includes Pambato Reef, Luli Island and Cowrie Island. This time, we were added to a new group of travelers with the same destination to us. A nice chance to meet new friends. 

Meet our new travel buddies

We stopped at gear rentals. We rented snorkel set (because I left mine at home) and water shoes.

Pambato Reef

We do short swimming and snorkel in here. We see many corals, fishes and non sting jellyfish. Indeed Palawan is very rich in marine life. 

Luli Island

It means "lulubog-lilitaw" island. This is our 2nd stop. We had a sumptuous lunch here prepared by our tour guide.

Cowrie Island

Our last stop is the Cowrie Island, located within Honda Bay and it's about 8 kilometers northeast of Puerto Princesa City. It was named after the small-to-large sea snail, marine gastropod mollusc they call "cowrie".

A nice resort which is ideal for long term vacation and relaxation. It has fine white sand. They offer many water activities, they have bar and restaurants and they have massage service. 

We do snorkeling and we encounter many fishes. You can also feed them and they will gather around you. You can also rent kayak and jetski. I like Cowrie Island over the 3 islands we visited in Honda Bay.

Before we leave, our guide took some photos using the sand castles. I never though those sand castles were meant for photo souvenirs. 

For Bookings and Reservation

Gulliver's 24/7 Travela nd Tour
2nd Floor Moraga Building, Rizal Avenue
Corner Lagan Street, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Phone: (048) 723-3218 / 723-8649 / 434-8649

Individual Tour Packages

City Tour - 600.00/head
Honda Bay Island Hopping - 1,500/head
Underground River - 1,600/head

Optional Tours

Estrella Falls - 1,600/head
Dos Palmas - 1,840/head
Firefly Watching - 1,100/head
Kamia Bay - 1,600/head

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