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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ugong Rock Adventures

Want to add some cardio on your itinerary in Puerto Princesa Palawan? they try Ugong Rock Adventure. It's a cave adventure where you need to climb high rocks and reach the top of the cave. You have two options going down - zipline or manually descend  to reach down again.

First, they do a short briefing to us about dos and donts when inside the cave. After going through information center, we then proceed to gear station.

They provided us with hard hat and gloves. The gloves are for the protection of stalagmites and stalactites. Once we touch them with bare hands, they will die as our hands produce oil and sweat.

 According to our guide, they call it Ugong Rock because there are some stones that creates a sound if you slightly hit them.

The cave holes are narrow, needs to position your body according to the shape of the hole so you can get inside. It was a breathtaking climb we had during our trip, that caused us to have muscle pain the next day. 

When you reached the top, you have two options going down - zipline or manually descend down again.  The zipline is only 100 meters and the fee is 300.00. It's like 10 minutes zipline to reach the base camp. By riding their zipline, you are also helping them to support this spot for tourism.

The 2nd option to exit is to take the trail going down. Don't worry, you can found a lot of guides inside that will help you on your struggles. But be very careful, the rocks are sharp.

To add more adventure, we choose to take the trail going down. It's much easier to descend, no sweat haha and until we reach a very steep area, glad the guides are experts. I experienced muscle pain day after this adventure :D You must try this too!

For Bookings and Reservation
Gulliver's 24/7 Travela nd Tour
2nd Floor Moraga Building, Rizal Avenue
Corner Lagan Street, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Phone: (048) 723-3218 / 723-8649 / 434-8649

Individual Tour Packages

City Tour - 600.00/head
Honda Bay Island Hopping - 1,500/head
Underground River - 1,600/head

Optional Tours

Estrella Falls - 1,600/head
Dos Palmas - 1,840/head
Firefly Watching - 1,100/head
Kamia Bay - 1,600/head

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