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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lake Sebu's Seven Falls - The Highest Zipline in Southeast Asia

The seven falls was the most awaited adventure on our South Cotabato tour. We woke up early in the morning, had a warm breakfast and packed things up and left the School of Living Traditions. It went much colder in the morning.  Jackets and socks are a must to bring when you go there. 

Photo captured by my travel buddies. They climbed trees to 
took this, they said. Buwis buhay eksena :D

Upon entering the Seven Falls, you'll be asked to write down each name from your group - who will do zipline. Zipline cost only Php 350.00 each with 2 tandem rides. 

Me and my consistent travel buddy on the second zip ride

The Seven Falls Zipline is the highest zipline in Southeast Asia. It is 600 feet above the ground and 700 and 400 meters ride. While above, you can see a very breathtaking view down the falls. It's purely nature. 

You might want to know each falls and their meaning, so here are the Seven Falls named as the following: 

1st - Hikong Alu  means The Passage
2nd - Hikong Bente means Unmeasurable
3rd - Hikong B’lebed means Zigzag Coil
4th - Hikong Lowing means Booth
5th - Hikong Kefo means Wild flower
6th - Hikong Ukol means Short
7th - Hikong Tonok means Soil

Photo during the first ride

On the starting point of the zipline, we paid Php 100.00 for pictures and then we realized that photos were no good at starting point. However, it might be good for documentation purposes having those stolen shots from the starting point.

Upon reaching the first stop on zipline, we paid again Php 100.00 for photos. Nice shots took while riding and having the falls as background. Same thing with the second ride.

Nice wall at the back. Taken in front of Seven Falls entrance

Bahay Kubo spotted while going to falls

After zipline, we took a little trek going to falls. We stopped at Falls #2 or Hikong Bente which means immeasurable 70 ft high. The water curtains and current were so heavy and strong. We crossed the other side to reach the huge rock formation. We held hands to support each other from the strong current. Feels like we've been washed up from a heavy flood. 

We stood up on the rock and felt the water and mist.  From there, you can see the high wall above. We let few waterfalls massage our back. Indeed one the best and amazing waterfalls in Mindanao. 

Looks like we were a flood victims :D

How To Get There

We hired  a van for our whole trip in South Cotabato. If you were in large group, you can do that too - more comfortable, less commuting and can save time.

But commuting is more fun, so in case you'd like to travel through buses, here are the guides to Lake Sebu from Davao City.

1.]  From Davao City Ecoland terminal, I recommend Yellow Bus Line bound to General Santos City. 3 hours ride and Php 245.00 fare.

2.] From General Santos City to Koronadal, I recommend Yellow Bus Line. Maximum of 1 and half hour travel time and Php 85.00 fare.

3.] From Koronadal to Surallah, again Yellow Bus Line and 20 minutes to 45 minutes travel time with Php 30.00 fare. 

4.] From Surallah to Lake Sebu, take van or jeepney. Maximum travel time is 1 hour. 

Please note that fare may change as time pass.

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