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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The School of Living Traditions - T'boli Cultural Center and Traditional Homestay in South Cotabato

Young female T'bolis as they performed a beautiful and graceful dance. 
I forgot what dance is this. 

We spent the night at the School of Living Traditions. There were other options to stay in like resorts but School of Living Traditions is a recommended place to stay because you'll feel the historic-native touch of the place, you'll get to know more of T'boli people, culture and their traditions. It's one of a kind experience. We used to travel just to discover places, admire islands and taste delicacies, but this one, it's a little educational. 

What I like most is that we were welcomed so warm. The people on the School of Living Traditions were so nice and hospitable. I felt home. The area we slept was actually one of their classroom. There were no chairs because they teach weaving. (I guess that doesn't need a chair). Unfortunately, I haven't got a photo of a T'boli on actual weaving.

Paksiw na Tilapia

They served us dinner with a lots of Tilapia dishes again. Thank goodness, it's different from our lunch that day. We had Paksiw na Tilapia, Sinugba na Tilapia and a superb rice. 

Sinugba na Tilapia (Grilled Tilapia)

The dining table was prepared for us

After dinner, we were entertained by their musical piece. T'boli's musical instruments ranging from percussion called "AGONG" or a large gong and "TNONGGONG" or the so called deerskin drum. They also have woodwind instrument like bamboo flute and a string instrument called "HAGALONG" or a 2 string guitar. 

Ma'am Maria Todi as she played one of the percussion instrument

I was amazed by the kid who played flute. I used to play bamboo flute before but the flute doesn't like me so I just gave up, lels.  

They also performed different kind of dances. There were 2 traditional dances I remembered - the Warrior Dance and the Monkey Dance. It was easy to remember because those were the funny dances as per our group's audience participation.

The Warrior Dance tells a story about 2 men who fought to win the girl. Our group's version of this dance was so hilarious. ^_^

The Warrior Dance

Photo taken inside our sleeping area. 
T'boli also used to performed inside the bahay kubo. 

Photo taken outside bahay kubo

You can help them support the newly rebuilt School of Living Traditions, visit their Facebook page -

Contact Info
Mobile No. 0912 975 4041

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