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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Punta Isla Lake Resort in South Cotabato

A new adventure was unlocked and mark checked from my bucket list. We just conquered the 7 falls and the longest zip line in Southeast Asia. It was a 2 day tour in South Cotabato and a lot of new things were included on our itinerary.

We started our tour by having lunch at Punta Isla Resort and doing a tour around the lake. Punta Isla Lake Resort is famous because of the wide lake and their floating restaurant. The water that flows down on the 7 falls all came from Punta Isla's lake.  

A lot of tourist was there and the floating restaurant was fully occupied but still we enjoyed the lake view from our cottage location. Since Lake Sebu offers different tilapia dishes, our lunch was loaded with Tilapia cuisine. The famous Tilapia dish is the "Chicharong Tilapia".

Fried Tilapia / Tilampura 

This Tilapia dish is superb and I like the fried potatoes too! The Chicharong Tilapia is a must try too. We ate Tilapia in the whole 2 days tour and I guess we really had enough of it to the point that we don't want to eat Tilapia anymore when we got back to Davao City. Lels!

Chicharong Tilapia


After the sumptuous lunch, we do boating around Lake Sebu. Don't worry, no crocs here. :D I was glad they offered boating as it is a gateway to know more of their culture and history. While boating, a native lady joined us and shared everything about Lake Sebu.

If I brought my pen and paper with me, I was able to jot down all of what she shared but as far as I remembered, there were 3 lakes in Lake Sebu. The Punta Isla is the largest lake and it is the water source that makes the 7 falls a breathtaking view.

There is also an island fronting Punta Isla Lake Resort. They called it Crocodile Island because it's a crocodile shaped island. That island doesn't have electricity and T'boli would use a small boat like the above to reach the main island in order to get supplies.

But according to our tour guide, they are planning to put electricity on the Crocodile Island and will build a cable car from the main island to Crocodile Island. That will soon be their new tourist attraction.
A nice cottage view from the lake

She also shared a history and T'boli's culture that when a T'boli died, they usually cover it with cloth and just hang them on a tree somewhere in the lake. Knowing things and cultures like that could make you a proud Filipino. The T'boli's culture is indeed a Philippine pride. 

Our beautiful T'boli tour guide 

Punta Isla Resort viewed from the lake

You can also find a lot of souvenir shops around Punta Isla Lake Resort. T'boli are known as the dreamweavers of Lake Sebu. They sell beaded bracelets, necklace and native weaved clothing, bags and other accessories. You can buy some to help them too!

Merl Garden Spring Resort

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Merl Garden Spring Resort. A recommended place to include in your Lake Sebu trip. And don't forget to try their home made durian flavored ice cream - very delicious!  

Acknowledgment from the heart

Pinoy Travel Pod would like to thank Beautiful Mindanao for the successful tour and all photo credits to

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