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Friday, January 3, 2014

List of Best Travel Adventures Unlocked in 2013

I guess it's not yet too late to share the best travels I had in the year 2013. Last year was a blast, new travel spots were unlocked and discovered, new experiences, new travel friends, self discoveries, accomplished things from my bucket list and more travel plans for the year 2014.

So here are the "best" travel moments and activities done in 2013

Best Summer Fling - West Coast Sarangani Tour

Together with my water maniac friends, I had a great summer time on West Coast Sarangani. We had fun snorkeling in Tuka Marine Sanctuary Park, the adrenaline rush of White Water Tubing, Nalus waterfalls, pool and island hop.

Best Food - Cressing's Healty Breakfast

When traveling to a city, I used to dine on a restaurant that don't exist on my hometown. When traveling to provinces, you would expect a lot of fresh seafood and veggies. The best food I ever tasted was on Cressing's Natural and Healty Food in Maitum, Sarangani Province. I marked it as "best" because it's 100% natural, from coffee, tea, rice to everything that are available on their store. You should try their muringga-rice coffee - the best.

Best Water-Board Sport - Deca Wakeboard Park

I love watching all kinds of board sports, though I never dream to be hooked by that - It's a life threatening sport. :)) After all the muscle pain I got from wakeboarding, I realized that it is a strength draining activity. My body recovered from muscle pain after 4 days. But I will surely try this again some time this year.

Best Individual Sport - Wall Climb

This is the super friendly and relaxing puzzle individual sport - Wall Climbing! It may be a little difficult but it's fun. It's a good exercise too.  Click here to see more photos and more info.

Best Fire Dance - Sunset Beach

2013 didn't fail me because finally, I saw fire dance. LOL! Poor me! I know there are a great fire dance out there but for me I consider it as the best because it's my first time. :)))  Just check these awesome photos.

Best Underwater Experience - Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving was the best underwater experience I had last year 2013. I was addicted to it that leads to have our 2nd diving season. We are planning to do our next dive this year's summer. A large possibility to spot dolphins. So excited!

Best Shopping - Manila Divisoria

Enough of water and to make it balance - I travel Manila to at least experience living there even on a short time. We had fun making "pakikipagsapalaran" in Divisoria and Baclaran just to bring a lot of pasalubong items. Divisoria and Baclaran were also a great place to buy items if you're into business.

Best Roller Coaster Ride - Star City, Manila

While in Manila, we actually plan to visit Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna but some circumstances arise so we just plan to have a roller coaster ride in Star City. It was still the best because it was the longest roller coaster I ever ride. Next roller coaster ride will be in Disney Land, Hongkong. Hahaha feeler!

Best Hotel - GoHotel 

The best hotel I can recommend to you is GoHotel. They are cheap but elegant and modern hotel. They are suited for tight budget travelers. They have many branches all over Philippines.

Best Fun Run - Havoc Zombie Fun Run

Fun run was finally checked from my bucket list. I have a friend who had a bucket list too and very fond of doing fun run. So we joined the amazing zombie infested-obstacle fun run. Unfortunately, I was given a "Death Certificate" because I lost all of my life flags. The rest of my fun run buddies survived the run. How lame I am! hahaha

So these were all the best I had in the year 2013. Before the year ended, I added a new note to my bucket list, listed all activities of what to do next year, where to travel and many things that gets me so excited that I can't wait for 2014 to come. Melet!

And lastly, I am hoping that I can share more travel experiences with you this new year! Thanks for reading and stay tune for my next travel entry. Ciao!

PS: Please do message me if you find any disturbing grammar - lels!

Friday, January 3, 2014 by pinoytravelpod · 2

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