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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Scuba Diving at Mansud Wall, Talikud Island - An Organized Dive at Carabao Dive Center

At last, scuba diving was recently checked from my bucket list. I been wanting so long to try this underwater activity and just this month, the diving experience was a success. Thanks to a friend -, who organized the said scuba diving event and also to Carabao Dive Center.

It was my first dive actually and I was so excited. But the moment I saw those heavy oxygen tanks and other equipment, I can't help myself to feel a little bit nervous. But I don't want you to be scared. I assure you, you'll be 100% safe if you follow the dive rules properly and the dive masters and guides were expert on this.

Okay, so we meet up at 7:30AM last Saturday. Once you're already booked in Carabao Dive Center, you must be there at their assembly time. The boat will leave at exactly 8:00AM. The Carabao Dive Center offers an organized dive every weekend. Certified and intro divers are welcome to join. So when you join an organized dive at Carabao Dive Center, you'll also meet another divers.

A short briefing about diving and hand signals

We're in the boat while the dive master brief us shortly about what Scuba Diving is, show us all the diving equipment and teach us the underwater hand signals and the do's and don't while diving. The diving spot is 30 feet from sea level. Very deep isn't it? And you'll feel a little pain on your ears because of the underwater current.

We were divided by 2 groups. 4 intro divers per batch and it will consumed around 30 minutes - depends too on the package you'll pay. Since it was an organized dive, there were certified divers joined us but they don't need any guides. The dive masters and guides will focus on the intro divers.

Swimming while waiting for our turn

The dive guides helped us get our diving equipment. The tank was heavy but it goes lighter when you're in the water. The buoyancy was controlled by our dive guide - for intro divers of course.

So we go down and witnessed a lot of coral reefs. The Mansud Wall was very amazing but we only saw few fishes. I saw different types of sea water organism that blends onto corals. The guide showed me some safe to touch sea living creatures. I have a close encounter with Nemo - the clown fish. Really, there's a lot of new to see.

Finding Nemo

As we go down deeper, my ears started to hurt a little. Glad that I don't have problem with my goggles. Most cases, if your goggles doesn't grip well, water will go inside and I know it's difficult for intro divers to release the water from the mask. The ear pain was just bearable. So I don't mind it and I just enjoyed the underwater experience.

Me and my guide. FC mode.

There were photo shoots too. Included on the diving package you'll pay. If you have an underwater camera, that would be great too. I learned how to remove the breathing apparatus so that I can smile while taking pictures. Glad that it ended well. :D

There were numerous diving spots in Talikud Island. On my first dive, we stopped at Mansud Wall. On my second dive, we stopped at 3 diving spots - Coral Garden, Mansud Wall and Angels's Cove. I heard that there were diving spots too on Dayang Beach. Hopefully, on my next underwater adventure, I would encounter some species like dolphins, butanding or whale shark, pawikan and a manta rays.

I would recommend scuba diving. It is fun, it is an ultimate water adventure that you would surely do it again and again. :D

Carabao Dive Center Fees
Certified Diver (with own gear) – 2 dives                  PHP 750.00
Certified Diver (renting BCD, regulator set, weights) – 2 dives  PHP 1,500
Intro Diver – 1 dive                                          PHP 850

Carabao Dive Center is located at Sta. Ana Wharf, Monteverde St., Davao City.

For Reservations and other Information, please contact the following numbers.
Telephone Numbers: (082) 300-1092 and 284-2319
Mobile Numbers: 0928-504-7642 and 0922-861-0874

Facebook Page:
Email Address:

Photo Credits to Ian Albert Olden and

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