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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marex Villarica Beach Resort - Tambo, Babak Samal Island

Marex Villarica Beach Resort in Samal is a new haven I just discovered. My favorite Samal beaches were Isla Reta and Villa Amparo Resort and as of now, Marex Villarica Resort joined the list.

First, the shoreline was wide. You can do sand sports in there. The white sand is powdery that you'll love to walk barefoot. And the pristine clear water was desirable. By the time I went there, the place was so calm. Few people only and really I found peace and serenity. Marex Villarica Resort is a nice place to relax, have fun for a budget friendly price.

I know there were high class beach resorts in Samal Island but Marex Villarica Resort has it's own uniqueness that made the resort exceptional. A type of resort that you'll probably say that "I would come back for more".

Another fun thing to do in Marex Villarica is fishing. Well, I know it requires a lot of patience when you do fishing but this is one way of relaxing too. They have a wide fish pond where you can enjoy fishing and pay PHP100.00 per kilo in every fish you caught. You can ask them to cook the fish for you or grill it by yourself.

Marex Villarica Beach Resort Rates

Open Cottages                                       - Php 300.00
Closed Air-Conditioned Rooms              - Php 1,200.00
Closed Non Air-Conditioned Rooms      - Php 800.00
Family Size                                             - Php 5,500.00

Tent for Rent
Tent Good for 10 persons                       - Php 500.00
Good for 2 persons                                 - Php 250.00
Good for 3 persons                                 - Php 275.00
Good for 4 persons                                 - Php 300.00
Good for 5 persons                                 - Php 325.00

Entrance Fee for Day Tour
Adult (Day Tour)                                    - Php 20.00
Kids  (Day Tour )                                   - Php 10.00

Entrance Fee for Overnight
Adult                                                      - Php 30.00
Kids                                                       - Php 15.00

Beer/case                                               - Php 100.00
Liquor/hard drinks/per bottle                   - Php 10.00
Lechon                                                   - Php 50.00

How To Get There

Marex Beach Resort is located at Sitio Baybay in Barangay Tambo, Samal Island. It is 20 minutes drive from Babak District. It is five minutes away from the renowned Monfort Bat Cave. You can take motorcycle. The fare cost PHP100.00 depends on how you haggle. :D

2 Responses to “Marex Villarica Beach Resort - Tambo, Babak Samal Island”

Aiden Mc said...
April 25, 2014 at 9:06 PM

Went to The Marex Beach Resort today to view it before we committed to a booking. So glad we did. Forget the photos above and any others you may have seen recently. The place is a tip, looks nothing like what you see in the pictures and is basically a mess with below standard rooms and upkeep. To be honest, looked more like a rubbish tip then a Holiday Resort.

Anonymous said...
May 25, 2014 at 8:01 PM

Whats their contact numbers?

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