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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Forest Hill Resort in Davao City

Recently my weekdays were a full blast, as in stress overloaded, unfinished tasks, so much to do and so little time I had. So to break stress without traveling too far, I decided to try Forest Hill Resort together with my friends. 

I wanted to make a swimming routine for exercise for at least once a month, and if you do have a plan like mine, you can try Forest Hill Resort. The water is deep and the pool is wide where you can be breathless swimming back and fort. 

There's a pool intended for kids too. They will surely enjoy those slides and mini fountains. Aside from that, the area is wide too. When we went there, it wasn't very crowded, that's why I can justify the place very well.

They have affordable foods. You can bring foods and drinks  if you want but they have corkage fee for that. To see rates and corkage fess, please check their official website at

Amenities & Services

Function Hall
Tent Cottages
Open Cottages
Nipa Huts
Washing Area
Shower Rooms & Comfort Rooms
Swimming Pool
Kiddie Pool

And the Ziplines, I never thought Forest Hill Resort would have zipline service. I think it is new as I never heard of it before. And here's a photo of my friend while zip-lining at Forest Hill Resort.

To know more details, please contact the following numbers

How To Get There

Forest Hill Resort is located at La Vista Monte Village, Matina Balusong, Davao City. From Davao City, you can take a taxi cab and just tell the driver you're going to Forest Hill Resort. 

If you want to commute, from Davao City proper, take a PUJ with south bound routes like Matina, Toril, Puan and Talomo. Tell the driver to drop you off at Matina Balusong and from there you can take a tricycle or motorcyle to reach Forest Hill Resort.

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