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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Indoor Wall Climbing - Edge The Outdoor Specialist

Do you find loosing weight a bit boring? For me, yes and that is why I chose to do some physical activities that could be fun and at the same time loosing weight little by little. Swimming, running, wakeboarding, hiking, hhmm what else? Well, those are really fun thing to do. I suggest to create your own bucket list and make it happen one step at a time. That is fun - I assure you. ;-)

So wall climbing was on my bucket list. But I don't wish to do "outdoor" wall climbing. I'm not ready yet hahaha. We do an indoor wall climbing, located on Davao City - infront of Abreeza, Ayala Mall. I was blessed to have friends who have the same interest as mine. They are absolutely harsh but true friends! LOL

Going back to wall climb activity, Edge The outdoor Specialist make that happen. They have a small indoor 28 ft. wall for climbing with built-in variety of rocks. There is no really a rock puzzle to reach the top successfully. It will depend on your strength and capability. You'll just need to focus, maintain strength on arms and legs and determine which rock should best to step on.  Some rocks were flat and small which is pretty daunting.

By watching others as they climb on the wall, you may think "Nah, that so pretty simple!" but when you're on the actual moment of climbing, you'll know that it's ain't easy specially if you're a first time climber - like me of course! nyehehe.

As usual, again I didn't succeed just like on other extreme sports I've tried and written here. Poor me hahaha! I think it's because of the climbing sandal I wore that time. It's kinda slippery and doesn't do good when stepping on small rocks. (Palusot mode) Some of my friends climbed bare foot but still didn't reach the top. Well, only 2 among us succeeded. Over all, it's a fun experience and I will come back soon to try it again.

You can try it for only Php 100.00 - unlimited climb. And Edge The outdoor staffs are very friendly. For reservations, please contact the numbers below.

Edge The outdoor Specialist Contact Numbers

Rey Sumagaysay

Edge Outdoor Shop

They are open Mondays-Saturdays from 9am to 9pm. Aside from wall climb, you can shop outdoor gears and equipment.

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Addy said...
July 5, 2013 at 11:01 AM

Hi, Addy here. Im following your posts if you don't mind.

I love traveling and adventure just like you.

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