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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 Reasons Why I Travel

Someone asked me, why do I travel? Why do I choose to travel rather than buy new gadgets? Why not save the money instead? You'll get too dark skin if you frequently go to beach.. I suddenly paused for a while and reflected for a moment. Then I answered, "Travel makes me happy." :D

So based on those questions above, I reviewed myself and here are the 10 reasons why I love to travel. ;-)


Travel is indeed fun. You'll get to a new place, experience new things, meet different people, see different cultures, know historical facts, become aware of nature and environment, witness different lifestyles and many more. These are some of the reasons why I love to travel rather than buy expensive gadgets. And there is only 1 gadget I wished to buy in order for me to capture best moments along the road. ;-)

When I was a kid, I am very excited when me and my mom will ride a bus. I really wanted to sit near the window so I can see the view outside. When I grew older, I started to step out of my comfort zone. Leaving my comfortable bed in replace of a cold, sandy and uncomfortable tent. Replacing my delicious breakfast at home into an instant noodles or smoke-taste coffee. (For the charms only! :-D )


I used to work online, graveyard shift, dealing with clients, writing codes and creating website templates. That really sounds very stressful. Although I loved my work, stress is really there. So I travel to relieve stress. By getting away from my PC and letting myself escape from the crowded city, to breath fresh air in province, well I consider that as an antidote for stress.

I have read an article that travel is good for health. It decreases the chance of heart failure and could make people younger. Locking yourself in your room could make you older. While traveling, makes you smile often. ;-)


A friend used to admired me because I can easily recognized a landmark or route when we go some place that we haven't visited before. I think it's because I am fond of sight-seeing while taking the road. When traveling on other cities, I prefer to commute in order for me to be familiar on the streets. While taking a taxi cab won't develop your road map skills because taxi cab goes on shortcut routes.

I have also read an article on a travel magazine, that the more you travel, the more you'll be smart on directions. Travel helps you develop a direction instinct, you can easily see the right path according to the address instructions given to you. Thus, this makes you brave. Some don't travel without a guide because they are afraid getting lost. :D


While travel brings you to new places, it also exposed yourself to many people. When you travel a lot, it helps you increase self confidence. Sometimes you need to ask the locals for the right directions, talk to a stranger sitting beside you a bus, talk to vendors and drivers. A good traveler never afraid to ask. It is an initative to ask if you are unsure or feeling lost. Never ask or else you will get lost nyahahaha


Each places has history, a stories that other may think it's bad and not a worthy place to travel. Well, you wouldn't discover if it is true or not if you will not allow yourself to visit the place. I believe that every place has a great story to tell and waiting to be discovered.


The great reward of traveling is that you'll experience new things. Aside from seeing different people, culture and a chance to see what kind of lifestyle they had, you can also experience activities that a certain place offered - such as skimboarding, scuba diving, sky diving, snorkel, free fall plunge, wall climbing, island hop, roller coaster ride and many other best "to do" activities.


I've been to a lot of provinces specially here in Mindanao and witness different lifestyle, different ways of living. Young locals used to walk miles to reach schools wearing only slippers, some are bare foot. Kids are willing to learn even in a hard way. Fishing and farming are the sources of their food. Actually, provinces are very abundant in food, free fresh water comes from springs, poultry, coconuts and lot of fruits.

I am imagining myself if I could survive living a lifestyle the same as what they have in the province - no malls, no air-conditioned rooms, no taxi, no computers and internet - an opposite lifestyle in a city. Honestly, I am not sure. hahaha

But I was impressed with the locals because they are happy and contented with their life. They live simple but happy, they are humble and very kind, they are very thankful even for small things. They are blessed and I am sure I'll visit more provinces and meet people like them.


Traveling creates connection not just with your travel buddies but of course in every people you meet along the way. You will gain more friends and creates new connection in different places. ;-)


Home is sweet. House without love is not a home. While being away for many days, eating breakfast in a camp like trip, restaurant, sleeping in a "duyan", tent, bus, plane or rented rooms, having uncomfortable pillows, no movies or anything and being away from your family makes you appreciate home.


This is the best one. Travel while you are young as you cannot go anywhere if you get old. You surely don't have enough energy to do sky diving, hiking or water rafting. I am inspired by the movie "The Bucket List". Both of them were old and they created a bucket list to do all things they like before they die. ;-)

Photo credits to riseuniversityblog, forbes, virtualtourist, trekearth, beaugrande

Thank you for reading and happy travel. ^_^

1 Responses to “10 Reasons Why I Travel”

Joann said...
July 20, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Glad to find another person bitten by the travel bug! :) I agree with all your statements from #1-10. Unlike gadget-buying, the happiness from traveling last veeeeeeeeery long. And babalik-balikan talaga ang mga moments even the misadventures.

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