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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Deca Wakeboard Park - Newest Action-Packed Leisure in Davao City

After a very stressful week due to an overloaded work, I invited my colleagues to try wakeboarding. I'm actually in to trying something new and something a little extreme. So, we made a plan and it worked well. A big thanks to you guys - The Botikmot Club! :D

We arrived at Deca Wakeboard Park around 1:00pm. The place is super nice and relaxing. They have resto and foods are delicious and available at a low price. The boarding lake is wide enough and it is man made. We saw a lot of riders who are really good in doing tricks and stunts.

Witnessing some breathtaking stunts and first timers who crashed on water made us a little nervous. Those scenes convinced my friends to back out. But I was really decided to give it a try.

For first timers, wakeboard instructors will give you a briefing and instructions on how to succeed on the ride. It is by level. You need to first "pass" the "sitting position" before trying standing on the board. After the first level, you can proceed to squat position and then if you are successful in balancing, you can proceed to pro level - standing on board.

At first try, it was a struggle. You need to make use all of  your strength, hold on tightly on the rope handle and control the board to pass between the 2 balloons. The rope will set loose if you cannot make it between the two balloons. It took me 2 tries before I learned how to control the board and pass between the balloons.

I can say that this activity is very effective in losing weight. If you fall off the board, you need to swim and walk back to the base point to start over again. You should also keep your board with you. And the board is kinda heavy too.

Once you get it right, all you need to do is maintain your strength. Once you pass the balloons, the rope will slightly lose and will immediately drag you again. So you need to pull the rope to bring back your arms on the right position. This ain't easy if you have weak arms - like me! :D

So l passed level 1. The next is the squat position. Now you need to focus on two things - your strength and balancing. As you position on board, you need to balance your body. Back portion of board should be heavy than the front which is difficult because as the rope drags you, almost all of your weight will be on  the front board. To keep the balance, you need to pull the rope hard so your arms and body will not lean forward. If you can get this, the 3rd level will be easy as a  piece of cake - according to the wakeboard instructor.

Unfortunately, on this level I failed! Poor me hahaha! No matter how hard I tried to pull the rope, my arms willingly stretch forward until I needed to let go. And the balancing, I'll consider playing along with that next time until I get it right. :D

The reward on this activity was all body muscle pain, specially on the back and both arms. It took me 3 days to recover from muscle pain. But I will surely try wakeboarding again.

How To Get There

Deca Wakeboard Cable Park is located at Brgy. Tacunan Mintal, Davao City. Price is rated by hours. Please check this link to see the pricing. -

And for contacts and reservation, please visit -

Photos Taken at Deca Wakeboard Park

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