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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Quick Visit at Nalus Falls and Jan Water Park in Kiamba, Sarangani

Our excitement level increased as we headed to our first stop in our 2 day west cost Sarangani tour. Nalus Falls was our first stop. Located in Kiamba, Sarangani Province.

It is just a few meters walk before you can reach the spot. There is no entrance fee, no cottages and not suitable for overnight stay (as of now but I will try to update you in the future if anything new happens here).

Nalus falls is good for day tour only. I been with many waterfalls here in Mindanao and I can say that it's not that really enchanting like high waterfalls you have in mind. You can do a little hike to reach the higher part. The middle portion is deep and current was just fine. We didn't stay there for a long time. Just a quick visit.

Jan Water Park

After Nalus Falls, we headed again to another water spot - in Jan Water Park Pool. Just few meters away from Nalus Falls. You see, we loved water. From waterfalls then to swimming pool, nyahaha

And that's why I love my travel buddies because we all want the same thing - water! hahaha We rode in a van going to pool with the same wet outfit -- brrr, it's kinda cold inside.

Anyways, Jan Water Park is not bad at all. We spent more time in there. I enjoyed my newly learned skill - swimming. It can really add enjoyment in every aquatic getaways. :D The pool is very wide and more than 5ft in depth - elevated.

How to Get There

I will suggest you to hire a van if you will do a day tour in Sarangani. It is much better, comfortable and cheaper if you do that way, specially if you travel in big group.

You might also want to read our major activity in Sarangani - The White Water Tubing. Actually we are supposed to do Paragliding too but we enjoyed Tuka Marine Sanctuary Park very much and we can no longer accommodate it. (Lack of time) But we will surely do Paragliding on the next time we visit Sarangani.

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Enjoy reading and Happy Travel! ^_^

1 Responses to “A Quick Visit at Nalus Falls and Jan Water Park in Kiamba, Sarangani”

Anonymous said...
June 10, 2015 at 4:15 PM

Goodpm I would like to update you abouth nalus falls in kiamba, we build there cotage Now and toilets for guest. Further we are developing the falls and nalus farms( cacao and rice) so in short time from now we can guide guest here with farmtour and visit all 3 falls within the nalus property, my name is bert leffers and am incharge of this project and I started this last december 2014

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