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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mainit Hot Spring and Pangyan Falls - Brgy. Don Mariano Marcos, Lupon Davao Oriental

At Brgy. Don Mariano Marcos, Lupon Davao Oriental lies a refreshing waterfalls and hot spring. The locals called it Pangyan Falls. It is a small cascading waterfalls and behind the flowing streams, there's a small hot spring tub with a natural flowing luke-warm water.

You need to walk for a few minutes before you can reach the place. The resort was affordable. There are cottages too. And you need to pay entrance fee and parking fee for motorcycle - if you have any. Many locals used to take a bath there and sometimes do their laundry.

At the waterfall curtain, you can swim there but not suitable for diving because it is not too deep. At the time we went there, it's a little rainy day and the waterfalls is kinda heavy.

We tried to cross the shallow flowing stream to reach the other side and try to climb the upper part of the falls. The current is a little strong and can't hardly control our balance. And they said, the current become too strong during a heavy rain season.

We reach the top and witness a nice view there. There's an upper portion but then it's hard to climb it, so slippery and not a so good view. So we just enjoyed the view and water there and then proceed to hot spring to relax out body from the long travel.

Other hotos taken at Pangyan Falls

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mati Davao Oriental Getaway

Mindanao has a lot to offer when in comes to nature tripping, adventures and breathtaking white sand beaches. Been planning so long to visit Mati Davao Oriental as I wanted to explore more in local spots.

I have a friend who lives in Mati Davao Oriental and just this year, me and my travel buddies decided to go to their place. This is one of the best travel experience I had. Adventures, great bonding with friends and a lot of new experiences.

You will be amazed as you enter Mati Davao Oriental. A huge signage welcomes you. You can stop there, take pictures like we did. There's a restaurant too in case you wanna have some break and buy foods.

And along the highway headed to Mati proper, you can witness the so called Sleeping Dinosaur Island. From above, you can see the whole shape of island which is really a sleeping dinosaur shaped. You can see changes to the said island due to some numerous trees cut down. But island still looking good.

We asked the driver to let us took pictures outside. So we have bunches of photos there and enjoyed the scenic island view.

We stayed at the house of my friend's auntie. They are so very accommodating, friendly and nice. You cannot have an awkward feeling as you talked and go along with them and seems like they are also enjoying being with us up to the end of the tour.

We are expecting to visit Pujada Island and Dahican Beach and to our surprise, we visited more than that. We experienced a little bit of trekking since we went to waterfalls, hot spring, cold creeks, white sand beaches and white island. Places that aren't known to many who has been in Mati.

We visited a flowing cold stream - a suggested attraction of one of the locals there. They called it the Secret Creek. It was a 30 minutes trek before you can reach the Secret Creek from the main base.

When you're near, you can hear the flowing water. It is actually a shallow long flowing stream. Entrance Fee is Php 10.00. The water is fresh, clear and cold. Suitable for relaxing and can take away stress.

We also visited waterfalls and hot spring, white sand beaches in Pujada Island and White Island. Watch out for this blog entries. I will discuss more about those islands and other spots we visited in Mati Davao Oriental.

Here's how to get there

We hired a van for Mati tour. The advantage of hiring a van is that it is more comfortable and you can ask the driver to stop at any spots you like and took pictures. Also it is much cheaper and I swear, commuting there by land is so difficult.

Also it is much better if you have a friend with you who knows routes in Mati. Or you can get a tour guide. You may contact the tourism officer in Mati and ask for assistance or tour guides -

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 General Santos Tuna Festival Schedule of Activities

General Santos City known as the Tuna Capital where you can buy affordable tuna freshly caught from the sea. This year, General Santos City celebrates their 14th Tuna Festival. It is a long celebration from August 18, 2012 to September 9, 2012.

The 14th Tuna Festival Schedule of Activities


Aug 18-Sept 5 - Oval Plaza - Tuna Village (Flea Market Display)
Aug 18-Sept 5 - Oval Plaza - Tuna Village (Carnival)
Aug 18-Sept 5 - Oval Plaza - Tuna Village (Tuna Products Display)
Aug 18-Sept 5 - Oval Plaza - Tuna Village (SMB Party Zone)
Aug 18-Sept 5 - Oval Plaza - Tuna Village (Coke Pasaya Food Court SuTuKil)
Aug 18-Sept 5 - Oval Plaza - Tuna Village (Tuna Art Camp)
Sept 5–Sept 9 - Oval Plaza - Tuna Village (Everyday, Everynite Sashimi Night)
July 7-Sept 8 - Oval Gym - Tuna Fest Inter-Fishing Basketball Tournament
Sept 5-Sept 9 - Queen Tuna Park - Tuna Fest Aqua Sports
Sept 5-Sept 9 - SM City - Tuna Fest Photo Contest
Sept 5-Sept 9 - Bula Coral Reef to QTP - Tuna Fest Coastal Clean-up Drive with Photo Contest
July 7-Sept 5 - Fish Port - Game Fishing

Wednesday, Sept 5, 2012

6:00 AM - Fish Port to City Hall - Fiscarade (Parade of Fishcars)
8:00 AM - City Hall - Flag Raising Ceremony
9:00 AM - City Hall - Tuna Fest Alay sa Kapwa
10:00 AM - SM City GenSan - Tuna Fest Photo Exhibit
4:00-6:00 PM - Oval Grand Stand - Tuna Float Parade
7:00 PM - Oval Grand Stand - Grand Opening
- Oval Plaza - All about Tuna Pavilion

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012

7:00 am-12:00 NN - GSC Fish Port Complex - Fishtahan sa Fishport
Kiddie Game Fishing
Karga Tuna
Tuna Relay
Linis, Bilis Tuna
Swimming Competition
Jetski Competition

7:00 PM - Fish Port Market 2 - Street Party sa Fishport
Biggest Tuna
Atras Bugsay
Huli Lipat Hito

9:00 AM-5:00 PM - Fish Port Market 4 - Tuna Congress (Opening)
7:00 PM - Tuna Congress (Welcome Dinner)
- GSC Tennis Court - Lawn Tennis Natl. Open Tournament
- Lakbay Tuna
7:00 PM - Oval Plaza Gym - Brigada Teen-Guwang
7:00 PM - Oval Grand Stand - Concert (SMART)

Friday, Sept. 7, 2012

9:00 AM-5:00 PM - Oval Gym - Hilig Extreme BMX Street
- Hilig Extreme Push Race Long Board
- Hilig Extreme Skate Boarding
- Oval Plaza - Mountain Bike
7:00 PM - Badminton Tournament
- Oval Grand Stand Concert (GLOBE)

Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012

Queen Tuna Park - Kite Flying
3:00 PM - Sarangani Bay Cruise
7:00 AM-12NN - GSC Fish Port - Fishtahan Game Fishing
7:00 PM - Oval Grand Stand - Talent Show Case of Generals:
GenSan Pop Idol
Dance Competition

Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012

6:00 AM - Queen Tuna Park - Bombo Radyo Bankarera
1:00 PM - Oval Grand stand - Street Dancing Competition
7:00 PM - Karagatan Awards
6:00 AM - Oval Grand Stand - Closing Ceremonies

For more information, visit the Tuna Festival 2012 Coordinating Center, Matalam Street, corner Pendatun Avenue, Gen. Santos City.

Contact Numbers: 0917-3026 or 0933-720-1476

I am planning to go there this coming Sept 5, 2012 to witness their Tuna Float Parade and Tuna Fest Photo Exhibit. See you there!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Indak-Indak ug Pamulak sa Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012

Here are the latest photos taken during the Indak Indak sa Dalan - one of the best and main activity in Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012 celebration.

Indak-Indak sa Dalan Photo Credits to

Another best Kadayawan sa Dabaw activity is the Pamulak or the Floral Float Parade. This photos was taken last August 19, 2012.

Pamulak sa Kadayawan Photo Credits to and

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 Kadayawan sa Dabaw Event Calendar

Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012 is coming! Don't miss this King of Festivals Davao's celebration. You can witness cultural events, exhibits, bazaar, concerts, floral parade, dance competition and many more. Come and let's join as Davao will celebrate 2012 Kadayawan Festival! :)

2012 Kadayawan sa Dabaw Event Calendar

August 17, 2012

Event Date : 2012-08-17 to 2012-08-17
Event Time : 06:00:00 pm to 10:00:00 pm
Venue : Davao City Recreation Center
Description : A Contest to find the Festival Gem of Davao, participated in by members of the ten indigenous tribes of the city.

Event Date : 2012-08-17 to 2012-08-17
Event Time : 08:00:00 pm to 02:00:00 am
Venue : Wheels and More Strip

SMART DAY – Kadayawan Festival
Event Date : 2012-08-17 to 2012-08-17
Event Time : 08:00:00 am to 08:00:00 pm
Venue : People's Park

Madayaw Trade Expo.. A Showcase of What Davao Life Has to Offer
Event Date : 2012-08-16 to 2012-08-19
Event Time : 04:00:00 pm to 10:00:00 pm
Venue : Victoria Plaza Carpark

August 16 4pm-10pm
August 17 3pm-12mn
August 18 10pm-12mn
August 19 10am-9pm

The Great Kadayawan Trade Fair and Bazaar 2012
Event Date : 2012-08-16 to 2012-08-19
Event Time : 03:00:00 pm to 12:00:00 pm
Venue : Davao Trade and Convention Center

August 16 5pm
August 17-18 3pm-12mn
August 19 10am-9pm

Event Date : 2012-08-13 to 2012-08-22
Event Time : 10:00:00 am to 09:00:00 pm
Venue : NCCC Mall, SM City, Abreeza Mall, People's Park
Description : Exhibit highlighting city’s facts, figures and photographs of different tribes to celebrate Kadayawan in Davao.

August 13 - 19 NCCC Mall 10am-9pm
August 14 - 20 SM City 10am-9pm
August 15 - 21 Abreeza Mall 10am-9pm
August 16 - 22 People's Park 1pm-11pm

Kadayawan Crafts Tourism Fair
Event Date : 2012-08-14 to 2012-08-20
Event Time : 10:00:00 am to 09:00:00 pm
Venue : Ground Floor Hallway, Abreeza Mall

Hudyakaan sa Kadayawan
Event Date : 2012-08-01 to 2012-08-20
Event Time : 05:00:00 pm to 02:00:00 am
Venue : Rizal Park
Description :Street food event with nightly performances by local bands.

Agri-Trade Fair
Event Date : 2012-08-01 to 2012-08-27
Event Time : 08:00:00 am to 08:00:00 pm
Venue : SM City Parking Area

Event Date : 2012-08-02 to 2012-08-31
Event Time : 08:00:00 am to 08:00:00 am
Venue : Around Davao City

More info can be found at

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