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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Malipano Island - Samal Island Hopping Tour

malipano island samal

Right there, I discovered another island called Malipano. It is a separate island that still belongs to Samal Island. I was amazed with Malipano Island because of it's clean ambiance that reveals more beauty and elegance. Malipano Island is located hundred meters away from Samal Island and has a seven executive villas.

Malipano Island has elegant houses that was built directly over the water and some other houses were located on a rocky area above the beach. Houses location were so nice and it's style were like a high class modern houses that you can relax on.

malipano island samal

Malipano Island cottages are octagonal shape that contains a reception area, dining room, living room and a guest suite. Each room has a private toilet and bath room too. You'll surely feel like a princess with their heavenly beds, nice furniture, floor and overlooking location of veranda. It is definitely an executive villas and dripping in luxury.

malipano island samal

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