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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kaputian Beach Park Resort - Samal Island

kaputian beach resort samal

Summer heat makes people busy indulging beaches and people can't help enjoying waves under the sun. One popular island here in Davao del Norte is the Samal Island, known to have numerous beautiful white sand beach resorts.

kaputian beach resort samal

Kaputian Beach Park Resort gave me a great summer experience. With its finest white sand, beautiful cottages and indulging water but please take note of this - Kaputian Beach Park has a lot of sea urchins.

Kaputian Beach Park might be perfect not just only for summer but also for photo shooting. Kaputian Beach Park Resort is one of a common and mostly visited resort in Samal Island. They cater snorkeling and other water sports for an affordable price.

Entrance fee is Php 75.00 only for overnight stay. They don't charge corkage for food and drinks, so you might want to bring many foods and drinks as you can.

kaputian beach resort samal

Price Breakdown - Cottages

Big Cottage - Php 800.00 / additional per head is Php 200.00
Small Cottage - Php 400.00 (Good for 2 pax)
Tree House - Php 500.00
Family Room - Php 200.00
Additional Beddings - Php 100.00

Entrance Fees

Daytour - Php 10.00 (Adult)
Daytour - Php 5.00 (Kids)
Overnight - Php 75.00 (Adult)
Overnight - Php 25.00 (Kids)

Additional Charges if you bring the following

Electric Stove - Php 50.00
Rice Cooker - Php 50.00
Sound/DVD/Speaker - Php 25.00
Tent - Php 100.00

How To Get There

From Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City, there are boats going directly to Kaputian Beach park Resort. Boat fare is only Php 75.00. Another route is to ride an IGACOS bus from Sasa Wharf.

The bus will also stop in Kaputian. If you want an adventure type mode of travel, you can hire or negotiate a small motor boat to go directly at Kaputian Beach Park Resort.

Kaputian Beach Park Resort Contact Number

Other Photos Taken at Kaputian Beach Park

kaputian beach resort samal

kaputian beach resort samal

kaputian beach resort samal

kaputian beach resort samal

kaputian beach resort samal

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Ian Limbonis said...
August 24, 2012 at 8:25 AM

hopefully ayusin nila yung washroom nila, and yung tambakan ng basura sa gilid.

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