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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Child Camp at Campo Agua Resort and Restaurant - Brgy. Sirawan Toril Davao City

Living a years in Davao City, just recently I heard about Campo Agua Resort in Sirawan Toril Davao City. Campo Agua Resort is a nature type resort that is good for family bonding and team building activities.

Entrance fee is only Php 60.00 inclusive of cottage and swimming pool. Inside you can enjoy a cool nature look. They have swimming pool but only 3 feet. Only for kids. :) They have a lot of fish ponds too where you can do fishing - fishes variaties are Tilapia, Bangus and Hito. Captured Tilapia will only cost Php 70.00. Fishing rod rent is only Php 5.00 and bait cost Php 20.00

What I like most in Campo Agua Resort was the fishing activity. I can recommend this to all to have their family bonding here at Campo Agua Resort. The place is also clean, nice cottages and friendly service crews.

At the time we went there, fishes isn't that very good because they were still small. If you do have plan to go out fishing at Campo Agua Resort, you can call them first and inquire.

I love also their food - so delicious. We order deep fried Hito and it was so mouth watering. Can't wait to go back there and catch huge hito. :D

Campo Agua Resort is only 1 hour ride from town proper. It is located along Sirawan highway and it is so easy to locate. Get a chance to visit this place too this summer!

Campo Agua Resort Contact Numbers

Landline Numners

Mobile number

More Photos Taken at Campo Agua Resort

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Undiscovered Little Boracay Resort at Brgy. Sto Niño, Sta. Maria Davao del Sur

Enjoying summer, I found a nice fine white sand beach resort in Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. Before, it was known as Puting Balas - a visayan term for white sand but the real resort name was Mariscal Beach Resort. Owned by Sta. Maria Mayor Rudy Mariscal.

It's white shoreline was measured for about 2 kilometers long. People would mistakenly thought that the sand were artificially dumped there because after this long kilometers of fine white sand resides a gradient black and brown sand. But then locals said that those white sand were really natural.

Nowadays, the resort was known as Little Boracay because of it's Boracay like white powdery sand. The difference are no parties and fire dancing, few people come and go and no hotels. But some of us wants a hideout to have inner peace and serenity and I can recommend Little Boracay as your perfect serenity getaway.

The resort has airconditioned rooms too and neat open cottages for a cheap cost. They also accomodate seminars, they have functional rooms and hall.

Entrance Fees and Other Cost

Entrance fee PHP 20.00
Airconditioned Room PHP 1,000/day
No food and drinks corkage

How to Get There

Mariscal Beach Resort or Little Boracay was located exactly in Brgy. Sto Niño, Sta. Maria Davao del Sur. It's 100 kilometers from Davao City downtown. By land, you can ride a bus bound to Sta. Maria. Davao City bus terminal is located in Ecoland. Non aircon buses only cost Php 80.00 and air conditioned buses like Metroshuttle would cost Php 142.00 and Metroshuttle non air conditioned bus cost only Php 132.00. From Sta. Maria, take a tricycle and ask them to take you at Little Boracay.

More information at

Other Photos Taken at Little Boracay

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Island Hop at Kaputian Beach Park Samal Island

kaputian beach park samal

Kaputian Beach Park really has a nice location, perfect shoreline and fine white sand. We had a chance to take photos there while the boat we rented stop over to refill gasoline.

The area were so nice however when we get back to the boat, from the boat we saw many sea urchins under the water. It's kinda disappointing why they let sea urchins live there even on shallow waters. Backpackers won't like to stay there and swim with numerous sea urchins.

kaputian beach park samal

However, I do believed that they will find ways to moved those sea urchins on a deep area to make tourist happy staying on Kaputian Beach Park. You can visit Kaputian Beach Park Resort for more information about Kaputian Beach Park such as rates and more photos inside the resort.

kaputian beach park samal

kaputian beach park samal

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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Beauty of Pearl Farm Beach Resort Samal Island

pearl farm beach resort samal

One of my dreams was to experience the luxurious Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island. I had a chance of a close encounter through Samal Island Hop. We asked the tour guide to get the boat closer to Pearl Farm.

Indeed Pearl Farm was breathtakingly nice and awesome, it's obviously expensive and no other resort can compare I think. The cottages that were aligned near the shoreline were so nice. The tour guide said that cottages and guestrooms were designed from Maranao that reflects the Island's culture and were inspired by a rich tribal ancestry.

Other Pearl Farm Beach Resort Photos

pearl farm beach resort samal

pearl farm beach resort samal

pearl farm beach resort samal

pearl farm beach resort samal

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Malipano Island - Samal Island Hopping Tour

malipano island samal

Right there, I discovered another island called Malipano. It is a separate island that still belongs to Samal Island. I was amazed with Malipano Island because of it's clean ambiance that reveals more beauty and elegance. Malipano Island is located hundred meters away from Samal Island and has a seven executive villas.

Malipano Island has elegant houses that was built directly over the water and some other houses were located on a rocky area above the beach. Houses location were so nice and it's style were like a high class modern houses that you can relax on.

malipano island samal

Malipano Island cottages are octagonal shape that contains a reception area, dining room, living room and a guest suite. Each room has a private toilet and bath room too. You'll surely feel like a princess with their heavenly beds, nice furniture, floor and overlooking location of veranda. It is definitely an executive villas and dripping in luxury.

malipano island samal

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Amazing Vanishing Island and Mansud Wall in IGACOS

Mansud Wall

We also passed by with this breathtaking Mansud Wall they called when we are on our way to Vanishing Island.

vanishing island samal

Second stop was the Vanishing Island. I just discovered that there were two Vanishing Islands in Samal. I was expecting to visit the one I saw online with a cottages on a little island that vanish during high tide and only cottages can be seen.

But then, the tour guide brought us to a very little island that was about to vanished that time. I was not disappointed because that little island were also nice and amazing. Really a small sand were only seen when we get there.

vanishing island samal

We asked the tour guide if we can swim there, it get easily deep even when you are just near on the island. They let us wear life vest and swam there for an hour. It was an amazing experience and underwater it was very rich in coral reefs and marine life.

Before we left the island, it was only an inch before it will vanish. If you want to get there - the Vanishing Island was in between Davao City and Samal Island. A pump boat ride from main Samal City was about 3 to 5 minutes.

vanishing island samal

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wishing Island - Samal Island Hopping Tour

wishing island samal

Been so many times in Isla Reta and still the water were so nice and crystal clear with it's very fine white sand. At the time we went there this summer, somebody asked us to do island hopping in Samal.

We were so blessed to experience Samal Island Hop for only Php 1000.00 good for 8 persons. That's his last price he offered to us and instantly we grabbed it.

wishing island samal

The first island we visited was the Wishing Island. The island doesn't have shore but it is still beautiful. It is surrounded with mangroves and the water was so blue that's so indulging. I was often puzzled why it is called "Wishing Island" - searching online I found some old stories about Wishing Island.

Residents nearby that island called it as an "Enchanted Island". They said, the island can only be seen during low tide and vanished during high tide. Before, Wishing Island was a favorite place to do picnic during weekend and there were group of backpackers having a good time there and got drunk that cause them to became so rowdy.

wishing island samal

To their surprise, a storm rock them in the middle of the day light and no one was able to leave the island and they were drowned on the water. They said, when you were on the Wishing Island, silence should be observed and leave immediately when high tide comes.

Scary isn't it? The stories might be true or not but just be extra careful when you hop at Wishing Island. Usually, these days, no one will stay til night there, it's obviously not good.

More Wishing Island Photos

wishing island samal

wishing island samal

wishing island samal

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kaputian Beach Park Resort - Samal Island

kaputian beach resort samal

Summer heat makes people busy indulging beaches and people can't help enjoying waves under the sun. One popular island here in Davao del Norte is the Samal Island, known to have numerous beautiful white sand beach resorts.

kaputian beach resort samal

Kaputian Beach Park Resort gave me a great summer experience. With its finest white sand, beautiful cottages and indulging water but please take note of this - Kaputian Beach Park has a lot of sea urchins.

Kaputian Beach Park might be perfect not just only for summer but also for photo shooting. Kaputian Beach Park Resort is one of a common and mostly visited resort in Samal Island. They cater snorkeling and other water sports for an affordable price.

Entrance fee is Php 75.00 only for overnight stay. They don't charge corkage for food and drinks, so you might want to bring many foods and drinks as you can.

kaputian beach resort samal

Price Breakdown - Cottages

Big Cottage - Php 800.00 / additional per head is Php 200.00
Small Cottage - Php 400.00 (Good for 2 pax)
Tree House - Php 500.00
Family Room - Php 200.00
Additional Beddings - Php 100.00

Entrance Fees

Daytour - Php 10.00 (Adult)
Daytour - Php 5.00 (Kids)
Overnight - Php 75.00 (Adult)
Overnight - Php 25.00 (Kids)

Additional Charges if you bring the following

Electric Stove - Php 50.00
Rice Cooker - Php 50.00
Sound/DVD/Speaker - Php 25.00
Tent - Php 100.00

How To Get There

From Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City, there are boats going directly to Kaputian Beach park Resort. Boat fare is only Php 75.00. Another route is to ride an IGACOS bus from Sasa Wharf.

The bus will also stop in Kaputian. If you want an adventure type mode of travel, you can hire or negotiate a small motor boat to go directly at Kaputian Beach Park Resort.

Kaputian Beach Park Resort Contact Number

Other Photos Taken at Kaputian Beach Park

kaputian beach resort samal

kaputian beach resort samal

kaputian beach resort samal

kaputian beach resort samal

kaputian beach resort samal

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