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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Chocolate Hills at Tagbilaran Bohol

The Chocolate Hills

Tagbilaran tour was our next target after the extreme experience in Danao Adventure Park. We do also want to have Panglao tour however we can't make it as we only have a limited time there. Gotta visit Panglao soon!

So our first destination in Tagbilaran was The Chocolate Hills. The Chocolate Hills are one of Bohol's most famous tourist attraction. Everyday, new tourists are visiting Bohol to see Chocolate Hills. Peak season falls to summer and Christmas season.

chocolate hills bohol

Most people who first saw The Chocolate Hills photo can't hardly believe that these hills are naturally made. See how amazing and wonderful nature is? So me and my travel buddies went up to see The Chocolate Hills. It was a long stairs to take before we could reach the top. Tiring really but it's very worth it when you reach the peak as you can see the whole portion where Chocolate Hills scattered. Breathtaking indeed! The time we went there wasn't a sunny day although it was March. Still the view was nice but it would be so much nice if you will visit The Chocolate Hills at a sunny morning. With that, you can see far hills and with a perfect combination of shadows and sunlight.

chocolate hills bohol

chocolate hills bohol

How To Get There

Plenty of happy tourist guides will offer to bring you there. Mostly, they offer a package car rate to tour you over all spots in Tagbilaran City but if you want to go there on your own, here's a guide for you.

From Tagbilaran, go to a bus terminal in Dao and catch a bus going to Carmen. Don't be afraid to ask someone if you are unsure of what kind of bus you'll need to catch up. Asking someone is a backpacker's tactic and a part of your journey. At the entrance of the bus terminal, ask some people that will point you to the right bus. Go and sit behind the driver and ask to drop you off at the Chocolate Hills complex. You can also ask the person sitting beside you, they surely know as most tourists will hire a car and won't ride in a bus. It's about 4 kilometers before you can reach the town of Carmen. From there , you need to walk 10 minutes along the road winding up to the complex.

And to get back to Tagbilaran, walk back again to the main road, and wait for a bus to pass by. The last bus from Carmen to Tagbilaran leaves at 4PM. There are also motorcycles who often wait there for passenger, you can ask them to take you back to Tagbilaran. Other means of vehicle from Carmen are 'habal-habal' and taxi.

2 Responses to “The Chocolate Hills at Tagbilaran Bohol”

Ria said...
April 7, 2012 at 10:44 AM

Hi, i like your blog entries. We are going to Bohol this month and just wanna ask if where could we book a boat going to Bohol from Cebu. Many thanks!

pinoytravelpod said...
April 7, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Hi Ria. Thank you! Where exactly are you from? You can coordinate with any travel agency in your location that caters transportation going to Bohol.

I am from Davao City and we booked ahead in House of Travel like 1 week before. That's bound for Bohol from Cebu City terminal. Hope that helps. :)

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