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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Skimboarding in Dahican Beach Resort - Recommended Summer Activity in Mati Davao Oriental

Summer is in the air. Students and even working professionals long to take a break from the stressful life of the city and commune with nature. Summer is a great season for white sands, tan skinned bodies, and adventures - and what better way to fully experience summer than being in the beach!

dahican beach resort mati

As most people flock in well-developed beach resorts for convenience, there is a beach resort in the humble city of Mati, Davao Oriental that boasts marvelous beach sights, powdery white sands and blue waters. Dahican Beach, a 7 kilometer stretch of crescent-shaped coastline, is undeniably one of Davao's to-die-for beaches.

From Davao City, the trip to Mati City is 3-4 hours using private vehicle or air conditioned bus. Once you reach Mati City Bus Transport terminal, just ride a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to Dahican. It is a 25 minute ride from the city.

Dahican's coastline is met with the big waves coming from the Pacific Ocean, making it a perfect place for aqua sports like skim boarding, surfing and kayaking. Lots of locals and tourists come to Dahican with their proper swim wear and surfing boards to practice their sport while playfully wrestling against the waves that seem to devour them every time they fall from their boards. With its giant waves, it is no wonder why Dahican is dubbed as the Siargao version of Davao Oriental.

dahican beach resort mati

The best thing about Dahican is, although it's relatively far from Davao City, you do need not to spend much once you reach there. Dahican beach only has two private resorts, the Botona Dahican Beach Resort and Tropical Kanakbai which are situated far from each other, therefore, the rest of the area are open and public beaches. There are no entrance and cottage fees in its public beaches, so if you are looking for a simple and inexpensive out of town trip with your family and friends, Dahican Beach is the place for you!

Located southeast of Mati City, Dahican is not that popular compared to famed and overcrowded beach resorts in the Philippines, but it definitely possesses the same level of allure and wonder as those expensive beach resorts have to offer.

With its enchanting view of the deep blue waters, Dahican Beach is indeed an ideal place both for adventure and relaxation.

How To Get There

You can hire a trycle or "habal-habal" from the bus terminal of Mati. Approach the driver to take you to Botona. Dahican Beach is about 20-30 minutes away from the town proper.

Dahican Beach Resort Contact Numbers

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Check in at Affordable Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn and Restaurant at Tagbilaran Bohol

Backpackers are looking for a cheap hotels yet a very nice and elegant ambiance. Well, I can recommend Villa Alzhun for you if you are planning to spend nights at Tagbilaran City in Bohol. Villa Alzhun is a famous and elegant inn in Bohol. They have affordable room rates, air conditioned, clean rooms and with great facilities.

villa alzhun in tagbilaran bohol

Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn and Restaurant was a renovated mansion. Their facilities are well maintained that's why backpackers have nothing to worry about, leaving satisfied and feel secure. After the tiring Tagbilaran day tour we had, we stayed in Villa Alzhun. But we booked it first as we went in Bohol peak season time.

villa alzhun in tagbilaran bohol

The room we booked was good for 3 persons and we only pay Php 1,700 inclusive of a free use of swimming pool and free breakfast served. We had our delicious dinner there too and had a night swimming to relax ourselves. Beside the tables, you can see the Panglao Island. Nice view while you are feeding your stomach.

Villa Alzhun has an alluring pool. They also have a bar and restaurant that offers mouth-watering seafood dishes. The hotel also has function halls where it holds cocktail parties. Souvenir shop is also available in Villa Alzhun. Plus they will also take you to boat terminal going back to Cebu for free. Although some car tour package includes to take you back at the terminal, in case they won't then Villa Alzhun will take care of you. :)

villa alzhun in tagbilaran bohol

villa alzhun in tagbilaran bohol

villa alzhun in tagbilaran bohol

Accommodation Rates (Lean Season)

1.] Standard Single - Php 950.00
2.] Standard Double - Php 1,350
3.] Standard Family (4 pax) - Php 1,700.00
4.] Superior Room - Php 1,500.00
5.] Junior Executive Suite - Php 1,900.00
6.] Executive Suite - Php 2,300.00
7.] Extra Bed per person - Php 350.00

Accommodation Rates(Peak Season: May - December)

1.] Standard Single - Php 1,100.00
2.] Standard Double - Php 1,550.00
3.] Standard Family (4 pax) - Php 1,950.00
4.] Superior Room - Php 1,750.00
5.] Junior Executive Suite - Php 2,200.00
6.] Executive Suite - Php 2,650.00
7.] Extra Bed per person - Php 380.00

For reservations and more info, please contact the numbers below.

Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn & Restaurant
162 V.P Inting Street, Mansasa District Tagbilaran City, Bohol Philippines

Tagbilaran City
PLDT Nos. - (038) 412-3883 or (038) 412 3893
PLDT Telefax - (038) 412-4143
PLDT Landline - (02) 6979839
Noemi - 09088623846 (Smart) / 09228061900 (Sun)

Manila Office
Apace Travel - (02) 723-2948 / 721-8602
Maj - 09192840007 / 09228966117
PLDT No - (02) 9285729
PLDT Telefax - (02) 9286764


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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Extreme and Muddy ATV Ride at Carmen Bohol

The most exciting moment we've done in Tagbilaran Bohol was the ATV ride. Not all tourist knew about this ATV in Bohol that's why I made a separate blog post to elaborate more, give guides and suggest this to people who will about to visit Bohol.

atv bohol

ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle which is widely used in foreign countries like US. The ATV referred as an all-terrain because of it's four-wheel that can be used for riding in rocks, mud, dirt and snow. And this foreign ATV sport ride is now available in Bohol, Philippines. Exciting isn't it?

So I want to share this to you and you should also try this one. What make it more fun is that the trail you will take are rocky, roads have holes. It's an enticing and a really adventurous ride. There's other ATV I know in Boracay but the roads you'll take are plain and smooth. That's why I like most the ATV in Bohol because of it's rocky and challenging trail.

atv bohol

With your Php 400.00, you can experience ATV for 30 minutes. On the time we went in Bohol it was raining. And we tried ATV in the afternoon, that's why the trail were muddy and a lot of water on a road holes. Additional factor to our adventure ride.

We are riding carefully not to get mud splash in our body but still you will really get some dirt. But getting some dirt adds more fun to this ride. We took more than 30 minutes of enjoying the ATV driving session and enjoyed the view we passed by.

atv bohol

atv bohol

If you want to try this but worried of how can you drive it, the I'll tell you to don't worry. You can control the ATV easily. There are also small ones available for more easy control. If you know how to ride a bicycle and motorcycle then plus points to you. You can control it with no sweat. There's a trial ride on the back benches before you will start taking the main road. If the stuffs can see that you are not capable, they will suggest you to take the small ATV.

atv bohol

atv bohol

atv bohol

ATV rentals is located in the foot of Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen, Bohol. After we went to Chocolate Hills, we headed to ATV.

G1 Island ATV Rental
AD Details: Chocolate Hills ATV Guided Tour
Location: Brgy. Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol.
Contact Phone : 038 4160340

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Wonders of Baclayon Church and Blood Compact - Tagbilaran Bohol

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church is said to be the oldest church in Bohol. Before I only wished to go there but recently this year, I was pinching myself and I was really there and facing in front of Baclayon Church. I had a different religious belief since I am a Pentecost Christian but I have a respectful point of view and beliefs of other people. :D

baclayon church bohol

I am just wondering why among all churches in Bohol, Baclayon Church is the most famous one aside from being the oldest church. Our tour guide said, it was famous because of the images seen on the church walls like God's face. You might want to check Baclayon Church too when you go to Bohol. :)

Baclayon Church is located on the eastern part of Bohol, just near the Blood Compact.

Blood Compact

Another inclusion spot in Tagbilaran day tour is the The Blood Compact which is a very significant part of the Boholano culture. Every June and July, the Boholanos pay tribute to that culture through a Sandugo Festival. Sandugo Festival is mostly characterized by balls, beauty pageants, sporting events and other fun activities. During those months, Bohol is in a peak season so better travel to Bohol during that time to witness how they celebrate and gives tribute to their culture. Learning other places culture is also fun and educational. I am planning to go back there and celebrate Sandugo Festival with Boholanos. :)

Souvenir Shops

As I mentioned, usually most tourist spots in Bohol had a souvenir shop outside however they were a little expensive. Just a tip if you will buy "pasalubong" to our love ones. Better place to buy souvenirs and native delicacies is on BQ Mall. There, key chains, wallet, shirts and other souvenirs are all affordable and buy Bohol's delicacies on BQ's supermarket. It's more cheaper too!

baclayon church bohol

Check out the other places covered on Tagbilaran Bohol Tour
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Hanging Bridge and Loboc Mini Zoo

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hanging Bridge and Loboc Mini Zoo - Tagbilaran Bohol

Hanging Bridge

Continuation of our Tagbilan Bohol day tour, the next spot we visited were the hanging bridge and the mini zoo in Loboc. Hanging Bridge's entrance fee is only Php 10.00. On the bridge you can view some portion of Loboc river.

The hanging bridge is located on the upper part of Loboc. It is comprised of bamboos and steel. It is about 25 meters about the river and 40 meters in length. There are two bridges there. Scary to look at first but you'll enjoy if you already there. I swear. :D I admit that there are some part of the bridge really scares me out because I stepped on a soft bamboo and it seems like it will break, so to be careful, you must watch your steps and hold on to the harness on each side of the bridge.

hanging bridge loboc bohol

hanging bridge loboc bohol

Hanging bridge's load limit is only 10 persons at a time. Outside the bridge, you can also find souvenir shops. And oh, I think almost tourist attraction in Bohol had a souvenir shops. :)

hanging bridge loboc bohol

hanging bridge loboc bohol

Loboc Mini Zoo

We also visited Loboc Mini Zoo. There's a lot to see inside like extremely large python, ostrich, monkeys, iguana, leopard and other animals. You can also found there the most largest python in Bohol however when we went there, that python was not around due to expired permit according to our tourist guide and driver.

loboc bohol mini zoo

loboc bohol mini zoo

I had a closed encounter with the python snake named Norio. When one of their staff opened Norio's gate, the snake went out and I was able to touch the snake on it's head. Cold blooded animal indeed. :D

There were also leopards and they were so cute. We didn't stay longer there as we have a lots of places that we need to visit that day but I enjoyed visiting Loboc's mini zoo.

loboc bohol mini zoo

Check out the other places covered on Tagbilaran Bohol Tour
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Close Tarsier Encounter at Tagbilaran Bohol

The awaited Tarsier encounter in Bohol, this is our next target after visiting Loboc Man Made Forest. This is the primary attraction featured by Bohol Tourism Department. I got some information from Bohol Website since I only know basic about Philippine Tarsiers. I just want to share why they are in danger specie nowadays, their habits and characteristics, what to do to keep them safe and many more that you could learn about Philippine Tarsier. Through this way, we can also learn to care all creatures and become pro eco.

tarsier in bohol

The Philippine tarsier, (Tarsius syrichta) is a very peculiar small animal. In fact it is one of the smallest known primates, no larger than a adult men's hand. Mostly active at night, it lives on a diet of insects. Folk traditions sometimes has it that tarsiers eat charcoal, but actually they retrieve the insects from (sometimes burned) wood. It can be found in the islands of Samar, Leyte, Bohol, and Mindanao in the Philippines.

If no action is taken, the tarsier might not survive. Although it is a protected species, and the practice of catching them and then selling them as stuffed tarsiers to tourists has stopped, the species is still threatened by the destruction of his natural forest habitat. Many years of both legal and illegal logging and slash-and-burn agriculture have greatly reduced these forests, and reduced the tarsier population to a dangerously small size. If no action is taken now, the Philippine tarsier can soon be added to the list of extinct species.
Not "The World Smallest Monkey"

"The world's smallest monkey" is an often heard slogan. However, it is not a monkey. In truth, its classification is somewhat problematic. Some scientists consider tarsiers to be a taxonomic suborder among the primates. While, because they are closely related to lemurs, lorises and bushbabies, others classify them with the prosimians to which these animals belong.

tarsier in bohol

In the Philippines, three very similar species have been described. It is very well possible that these species are actually a single species, developed into three races due to the physical separation on the various islands.

1.] Philippensis - located in Samar and Leyte
2.] Fraterculus - located in Bohol
3.] Carbonarius - located in Mindanao

The species is believed to be about 45 million years old, dating back to the early Eocene period, and probably one of the oldest land species continuously existing in the Philippines.

Currently, the Philippine tarsier is categorized as a "lower risk, conservation dependent" species, which means that, although it is not yet categorized as vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered, it could qualify for one of those categories within five years if the present protection programs are stopped.


The Philippine tarsier is nocturnal; they hunt at night, exclusively for animal prey. At day time, they hide in hollows close to the ground. When kept in captivity, individuals may huddle together or intertwine their tails. They are believed to live in groups, larger than just one male and one female. The female appears to take care for the young exclusively: no male parental care has been observed.

Tarsiers live exclusively on animal prey. Their diet includes primarily insects such as cockroaches and crickets, but may occasionally be extended with reptiles, birds, and bats. A Philippine tarsier in captivity will eat live shrimp and fish in a bowl of water.

The tarsier produces a a number of different calls. The loud call is a loud piercing single note. When opponents meet, they produce a soft sweet bird-like trill. When several individuals communicate, they can produce a locust-like chirping. Females have a specials sound to indicate that they are fertile.

Where to Meet the Tarsier

You can visit the tarsier at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, and see it in its natural habitat.

The Philippine Tarsier Foundation
Km. 14 Canapnapan Corella, Bohol 6300 Philippines
Tel: (0912) 5163375
Mobile: (0918) 6021326

Important Note I got form the original source of Tarsier Info.
Please avoid visiting the tarsiers kept in cages along Loboc river. Here, these shy animals have a miserable live, and normally don't survive for long.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lunch at Loboc Floating Restaurant and Sightseeing at Man Made Mahogany Forest in Tagbilaran Bohol

Next set of indulging spots in Tagbilaran tour is the Loboc River. Loboc is about 24 kilometers from Tagbilaran City and it is the Bohol’s provincial capital. One of the most famous attraction in Loboc is the floating restaurant. It is not just a floating restaurant but also it will cruise on Loboc river to reach it's other end, so While eating Filipino and Boholano dishes, you can enjoy the scenic views on Loboc River.

loboc floating restaurant bohol

The floating restaurant comprised of two boats connected where tables are well arranged. Inside, there's a lunch buffet style. You only need to pay Php 280.00 to get in on floating restaurant and inclusion of buffet lunch. By the way, some Bohol package tours includes free buffet there.

About the foods, it's all delicious. There are grilled meats, soup, sea foods, vegetables, native delicacies, fresh fruits and fresh desserts.They also have local band that will entertain you while eating. They usually play Boholano songs. Riding and eating on Loboc's floating restaurant will truly complete you amazing Bohol getaway.

Man Made Mahogany Forest

Next Bohol's attraction we visited was the The Man Made Mahogany Forest. It's really amazing how can it be perfectly stood still through man's effort. It is a 2 kilometer stretch of densely planted Mahogany trees. It is located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns.

The man-made Mahogany forest stands out because of it's uniformity in tree heights and the thickness when Mahogany trees brought together. And through that, entering the first road where Mahogany trees welcomes you, you can feel the temperature changed. You've been on an air conditioned car so exactly you feel cold right then but try to walk outside the forest, the temperature is not really cold compare when you're inside the forest.

man made mahogany forest bohol

man made mahogany forest bohol

You can also see dark shaded roads due to thick leaves above. That really make the place attractive. Some say's they are creepy due to Mahonay tree huge roots that crawled over the boulders and almost reached the side of the road. But for me it's not. It's a highly recommended place for you to visit and experience!.

man made mahogany forest bohol

man made mahogany forest bohol

Read on Tagbilaran Bohol Tour part 1. It covers The Chocolate Hills and The Butterfly Sanctuary in Bilar. There are lots of guides and contact numbers there. :)

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Butterfly Sanctuary in Bilar, Tagbilaran Bohol

Second stop is ATV, but I made a separate post about that. You can read it soon here. So to skip, another spot we visited was the Butterflies Conservation Center which is located in Bilar, a town in the interior part of Bohol. It is the first butterfly livelihood breeding and conservation program in Bohol. The Entrance fee is Php20.00 with a tour guide that explains deeply about butterflies.

butterfly sanctuary bohol

It was observed to host 200 species of butterflies and the Center seeks ways and means to conserve and breed them. An enclosure has been built to protect the butterflies from predators which can give them 70% survival rate. Outside, survival rate is only 2%.

butterfly sanctuary bohol

There, I learned how to determine a female and a male butterflies. Male butterflies are more colorful and has a large wings while female butterflies have smaller wings. Male butterflies are made that way so that they can easily attract female butterflies. And I discovered that there's also a gay butterfly, funny it is but it's true. It was called that way because half part of their body has a small wing and the other half has a large and colorful wing. Combination of male and female butterfly characteristics.

butterfly sanctuary bohol

I was also amazed with their cocoons. I thought they were fake because of the color. But the guide said they were all real and I touch one gold cocoon and something's moving inside. It's real. I had also in my hand a caterpillar but it's not itchy like 'higad'. It was a rubber like when I touched it.

butterfly sanctuary bohol

butterfly sanctuary bohol

butterfly sanctuary bohol

How to Get There

There are two butterfly sanctuaries in Bohol. One is located at Bilar town and a smaller enclosure is in Sagbayan. The one we visited was in Bilar. To get there, you can hire a car like mostly tourist do or ride a taxi or motorcycle. Bilar is located 41 kilometers from Tagbilaran City and 1 kilometer from the Bilar market and 5 minutes away from the Mahogany Man-Made Forest.

Tourist Guides and Car / Van Rental

Bohol Car Tour Services

Bohol Day Tour (Tagbilaran and Panglao Island)
Kuya Hansel

+639194137623 (Smart)
+639274358392 (Globe)

Getting There Via Cebu City

From Cebu City, there are boats or ocean jets that are headed to Bohol. You can get a boat ticket from the terminal in Cebu City or you can do a reservation through travel agencies you have on your current location. If you are from Davao City, you can avail a promo for Ocean Jet going to Bohol through The House of Travel. We only pay Php 400.00 for round trip boat fare. (Promo Rate)

Contact House of Travel, Inc for Ocean Jet Reservation (Davao Based Only)

House of Travel, Inc.
Damosa Complex, Lanang, Davao City
Telephone Numbers:
Fax : +
Email :

The Chocolate Hills and Butterfly Sanctuary are also featured in Turista Magazine. It's a bi-monthly magazine open to Metro Manila Subscriber only. Their copies are available at select establishments in Metro Manila such as NAIA, Duty Free, and Balikbayan Handicrafts. Collecting travel magazine can also help you find nice places and get some tips and guides.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Chocolate Hills at Tagbilaran Bohol

The Chocolate Hills

Tagbilaran tour was our next target after the extreme experience in Danao Adventure Park. We do also want to have Panglao tour however we can't make it as we only have a limited time there. Gotta visit Panglao soon!

So our first destination in Tagbilaran was The Chocolate Hills. The Chocolate Hills are one of Bohol's most famous tourist attraction. Everyday, new tourists are visiting Bohol to see Chocolate Hills. Peak season falls to summer and Christmas season.

chocolate hills bohol

Most people who first saw The Chocolate Hills photo can't hardly believe that these hills are naturally made. See how amazing and wonderful nature is? So me and my travel buddies went up to see The Chocolate Hills. It was a long stairs to take before we could reach the top. Tiring really but it's very worth it when you reach the peak as you can see the whole portion where Chocolate Hills scattered. Breathtaking indeed! The time we went there wasn't a sunny day although it was March. Still the view was nice but it would be so much nice if you will visit The Chocolate Hills at a sunny morning. With that, you can see far hills and with a perfect combination of shadows and sunlight.

chocolate hills bohol

chocolate hills bohol

How To Get There

Plenty of happy tourist guides will offer to bring you there. Mostly, they offer a package car rate to tour you over all spots in Tagbilaran City but if you want to go there on your own, here's a guide for you.

From Tagbilaran, go to a bus terminal in Dao and catch a bus going to Carmen. Don't be afraid to ask someone if you are unsure of what kind of bus you'll need to catch up. Asking someone is a backpacker's tactic and a part of your journey. At the entrance of the bus terminal, ask some people that will point you to the right bus. Go and sit behind the driver and ask to drop you off at the Chocolate Hills complex. You can also ask the person sitting beside you, they surely know as most tourists will hire a car and won't ride in a bus. It's about 4 kilometers before you can reach the town of Carmen. From there , you need to walk 10 minutes along the road winding up to the complex.

And to get back to Tagbilaran, walk back again to the main road, and wait for a bus to pass by. The last bus from Carmen to Tagbilaran leaves at 4PM. There are also motorcycles who often wait there for passenger, you can ask them to take you back to Tagbilaran. Other means of vehicle from Carmen are 'habal-habal' and taxi.

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