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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sunken Cemetery at Camiguin Island

the sunken cemetery camiguin island

Another best tourist attraction in Camiguin Island is the Cross at the Sunken Cemetery. Camiguin Island is located in Bohol Sea. It is 90 kilometers away from the north coast of Mindanao. Camiguin is define as the island born of fire in the Philippines because of the past volcanic eruption on the said island that causes series of violent and earthquakes.

At that time, the islands cemetery were sank during that violent earthquake and today's popular and historical site called "The Sunken Cemetery" where a huge cross was built as a memorial last 1982.

Another volcanoe erupted before called Mt. Hibok-Hibok which took many people's lives. But today Mt. Hibok-Hibok is inactive and an easy day climb for mounteneers.

The best tiem to visit Camiguin Island is on 3rd week of October as they will celebrated The Camiguin Island Lanzones Festival. It's a long week celebration where you can witness a beauty contest to crown Miss Camiguin Island.

the sunken cemetery camiguin island

How To Get To Camiguin Island

From Manila or Cebu, the best is through SEAir, however the flights are seasonal. The best thing to do is to call them first as they don’t always update their website.

Other option is to fly into Cagayan De Oro city, and take a short ferry ride from there. Below are the Ferry Schedule to Camiguin Island.

- From Bohol to Camiguin on Paras Sea Cat
- From Bohol (Jagna) a ferry leaves for Camiguin at 1.30pm
- From Camiguin a ferry leaves for Bohol at 11am

From Cagayan De Oro you have two ferry choices.

- Paras Sea Cat departs daily to Camiguin Island at 8.30 am
- Paras Sea Cat leaves Camiguin at 4pm
- Ferries leave Balingoan from as early as 6am.
- Paras Sea Kat takes about 45 mins, ferries at Balingoan take just over an hour.

To make your travel very easy, you can contact the Philippine tourism board for tourist information. The official Camiguin Island website is You can contact them by visiting this link -

More Photos

the sunken cemetery camiguin island

the sunken cemetery camiguin island

the sunken cemetery camiguin island

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