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Monday, May 23, 2011

Babu Santa Beach Resort - Linusotan Talicud, Samal Island

babu santa samal island

White sand beaches, fresh water under the sun is truly a refreshing moment during this hot summer. One undeveloped but nice beach resort in IGACOS is the Babu Santa Beach Resort. Babu Santa was named after a woman named Babu who was a cheerful giver just like Santa Claus. It is exactly located on the last part of Talicud Island.

The resort isn't crowded because it is not yet fully developed, very far from other resorts in Talicud Island and there's no electricity however the place is very ideal in you want peace of mind and wanted to be far from a chaotic city.

Babu Santa Beach Resort is affordable. There's no entrance free and the open cottage is only PHP300.00. There's no electricity however you can stay overnight if you want. The closed cottage is only PHP500.00 and good for 5-6 persons. You can also bring tent. They don't charge corkage for food and drinks. Very affordable.

However, the travel time going to Babu Santa Beach Resort is really time consuming. It is very far from Davao City since it is located on the very last part of Talicud Island. And you can only spent a little time because the boat going to Babu Santa Beach Resort has only one schedule and only one boat schedule when leaving the resort. But you can enjoy the place, go any time you want and leave any time you want if you hire a private boat for your trip.

How to Get to Babu Santa Beach Resort

babu santa samal island

From Sta. Ana wharf, there's a boat going to Babu Santa. It usually leaves the wharf at exactly 1:30PM. You can ask people on the docking station about the boat going to Babu Santa. The boat fare is only PHP60.00. The same boat will also pick you up at the resort at exactly 7:00am. So meaning if you travel through those boat schedules, you will only have a limited time enjoying the resort. From 1:30PM to 7:00AM and take note, there's no other boat schedule going to Babu Santa Beach Resort aside from that. The travel will took you 1 hour and half.

If you wish to stay longer on the resort, you can hire a private boat. There are many on the wharf and just asked them.

Babu Santa Beach Resort Contact Number
Mobile Number: +63919-2398308

Location: Linusotan, Kaputian District Talicud, IGACOS

babu santa samal island

babu santa samal island

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Making an Effective Itinerary for a Successful Travel

One best experience and the most exciting feeling is getting a chance to travel around the world. It is everybody's dream. When we step a destined places, we really never want to miss every single nice tourist spost rested on that certain place and to give you a start light up step, I will reveal some methods and tips in preparing your itinerary.

1. First is to list down all places you want to visit. You can start places near to your region. Let's say you live in Mindanao, then list first all the places you want to visit in Mindanao. Select your first choice then proceed to step two.

2.] On the selected location, you can list all nice spots in a sheet of paper. You can do research to get all places in a certain region. Divide it into three category, first a must see, second a must doa nd third a must eat then estimate how many places you can visit within the time span of your trip.

3.] On your primary destination, write down how you will be able to get there, how much time your departure will take.

4.] Next step is to create a detailed to do list on the first day of your tour. Example, you arrived at 6am, then list down to do list like having a breakfast, preparing for tour and a to do list until you get back home.

5.] Know the amount needed on the trip. You can make a budget plan. One good tip is that instead of eating in expensive restaurant why not have a simple and good breakfast at affordable price. Also, to prepare and save money for that trip, make also a daily budget each day.

6.] When your planned trip is nearly coming, prepare your thing and pack up. Remember to bring only important ones, click here to check out the list of essential things that you should bring. Avoid things that are heavy to carry because it will not be convenient and be reminded to avoid bringing things that you can't afford to lose.

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