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Monday, November 28, 2011

Climbing the so owned Datu Sicao Falls at Tamayong Calinan, Davao City

datu sicao falls davao city

Datu Sicao Falls is located at Datu Sicao, Purok 6, Tamayong, Calinan, Davao City. Datu Sicao Falls is often visited during holy week. Some mountaineers considered it as a minor climb but for me, I will considered this as major climb. :D It's because, I never been to a highest mountain before. As I succesfully reached the peak of Datu Sicao, I am confident to try climbing Mt. Apo very soon!

 This is a perfect start to those who want to try out before joining major climb. The trek was kinda easy and there are also difficulty level 3 trails. You need to have great endurance to be able to reach the falls.

But first you must stop at Lantaw Apo where you need to be registered. They do this so that they will have record of people who enter that place. Start again trekking and you will experience hours of mountain climbing and an hour of river trekking while at the end, a cold and lots of beautiful falls awaits you to enjoy.

datu sicao falls davao city

How To Get There:

Take a taxi ride to Bangkerohan Terminal for Calinan and then take a bus ride. Tell the "kondoktor" to drop you at the Buyzone Store, Calinan. When you are there, talk to someone and ask where is the terminal going to Tamayong Purok 6, it is at about 100 meters from the point you where drop off.

Take a ride, it is usually a jeep, and then stop at the Tamayong Purok 6. When you are there, register to their barangay and then start climbing. Just follow the trail going to Datu Sicao area. When you reach Datu Sicao area, usually climbers rest there for the night and then go to the Sicao falls early the next morning.

Purok 6 to Datu Sicao area usually takes at about 5 hours of climbing and then Datu Sicao camping area to Sicao falls at about 3 hours (1.5 hours of it is river trekking).

datu sicao falls davao city

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fascinating Enchanted River at Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

enchanted river surigao del Sur

In a little known rustic town in Surigao del Sur, lies a slice of paradise that swept me off my feet the moment I saw it. It is the so called Enchanted River of Hinatuan. This is the second spot we visit after witnessing the beauty of Tinuy-an Falls

It takes 2 hours to travel from Bislig City before you can reach Hinatuan. It was called "Enchanted" as there are rumors before that this nature spot is guided by an unseen and takes the body of whoever swam on the river. But nowadays, since Enchanted River is known to be one of the best tourist spots in Surigao del Sur, the word enchanted defies it's meaning. Because almost weekends and holidays, a lot of people visit this place, crowded may it seems actually.

enchanted river surigao del Sur

According to the locals, the river’s depth, particularly the dark blue portion, is estimated to be around 24 meters (80 feet). Gazing for minutes at the enchanting spectacle, I felt some invisible force beckoning me to dive into the deep blue waters.

Aside from that blue lagoon, you can feed various fishes. You can also have a foot spa, fishes will like to remove your dead skin cells.

Other Information:

Entrance costs only P10 per head, and there are cottages you can rent as well if you’re planning to have a picnic. You can also take a boat ride from the river to Hinatuan Bay. You can swim, snorkel, and even scuba dive there.

How To Get There:

Take the bus from Butuan City and get off at Hinatuan town. From there, take the habal-habal (a public transport motorcycle). You can either wait for other passengers (P40) or hire the whole thing for P200-250. You can get to Butuan City from Manila via Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines.

Other photos taken at Enchanted River Hinatuan Surigao del Sur

enchanted river surigao del Sur

enchanted river surigao del Sur

enchanted river surigao del Sur

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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Majestic Tinuy-an Falls at Bislig City, Surigao del Sur

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

I always wanted to travel to Surigao del Sur and witness the so called "Little Niagara of the Philippines". One day, together with my travel buddies, we decided to go there. It was almost 8 hours of travel from Davao City to Bislig City. The first spot we have witness is the Tinuy-an Falls. It was really breathtaking and truly admirable. The scenic view of Tinuy-an Falls can relieve all of your stress. Tinuy-an Falls is considered as the top wonders in Surigao del Sur province.

Tinuy-an Falls has four tiered curtain waterfalls, which has its own beauty on the drop of hundreds of gallons of water per second. Its rushing water was crystal white and was said to be 180 feet or 55 meters high and 311 feet or 95 meters wide. The location of the falls was also enticing because you could really feel the presence of the Mother Nature due to large trees that serves as protector of the gigantic falls.

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

You can rent bamboo raft to explore the entire water stream underneath the falls and if you are brave enough to face the surging falls, you can ask the guide to bring you at the curtain of the falls - water dropping on your body feels like a body massage. However, it's dangerous if the surging falls are thick and strong specially during rainy season. It's not a good idea to go near the curtain falls.

The upper part of the falls was around 5-7 minutes away; you have nothing to worry if you're not into hiking because metal ladder and handles was set-up for an easier hike. Mostly of the team enjoyed this part of the waterfalls, because you can take a hid from the small water fall curtain or simply lie or sit down for a very soothing massage. There is also a Borboanan Reservoir or lake located just along the path. A series of drums are connected from the falls towards the lake.

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

How To Get There:

From Davao City, you can reach Bislig City through riding a van from Ecoland terminal. If you have vehicle contacts, you can hire them. It will take at least 8 hours before you can reach the city.

Getting There From Manila:

Bislig City can be reached by air or sea travel from Manila or Cebu via Davao City or Butuan City or Surigao City. Commercial buses or vans for hire are available: 3 to 4 hours from Butuan City or 5 to 6 hours from Davao City. Within Mangagoy go to the Integrated Terminal and rent a jeep that will bring you to Barangay Borboanan, Bislig, Tinuy-an Falls. Single motor's are also available between 100-150php per head. From national highway to Tinuy-an Falls it was around 14kms.

Goring Zarido - City Tourism Office
Mobile Number : +639207168379
Landline Number : (086) 853-6089; (086) 628-2112
Fax Number : (086) 628-2132
Email Address :

Mr. Almar B. Autida - Bislig Government Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BGEMCO)
Member, Board of Directors
Mobile Number : +639195954878
Email Address : /

Single Motor @ 150php per Head
Jeepney@1200-1500 for the entire stay
Entrance Fee @10php per head
Cottage @ 100php
Gaket / Bamboo Raft @50php
Salbabida @30php

Additional notes: Network Signals are very weak on this place. So you might want to prepare all emergency devises and first aid kits.

Enjoy other photos taken at Tinuy-an falls, Bislig City Surigao del Sur

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

tinuy-an falls bislig surigao del sur

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cinco Masao Beach Resort - Barangay Tamisan, Sitio Masao Mati Davao Oriental

Mati Davao Oriental is known to have cool beaches and islands. One common beach is the Cinco Masao Beach Resort which is located in Barangay Tamisan, Sitio Masao Mati Davao Oriental.

It is indeed a perfect place in Mati City if you you want to refresh your mind, unwind and be away from crowded cities. Cinco Masao Beach Resort has a complete amenities like restaurant,cottages, lodging, reception area, function hall and even souvenir store.

cinco masao beach mati davao oriental

From the beach, you can see the Waniban Island from the distance. For a better view, you can go to the Function Hall to catch sight of its turquoise waters. Satiate your eyes by its magnificent view and majestic panorama surrounding it.

It boasts its simple yet elegant inexpensive huts and cottages. It has huge spaces for your children's playground and you can even set picnic fronting seawaters view.

cinco masao beach mati davao oriental

Masao is not only for beach views but also has its restaurant and food hauz for especial occasion's reception such as weddings, reunions, baptismal and company outings. Even those craving customers need not to worry where to go when hungriness strikes.

Barangay Tamisan, Sitio Masao, Mati Davao Oriental
+639282824304 or +639187560571

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kanlawig Hot Spring in Compostela Valley

kanlawig hot spring compostela valley

As a part of our Compostela Valley tour last April 2011, Kanlawig Hot Spring is our last destination in the said province. We headed first in Tagbibinta Falls then Marangig Falls and lastly proceed to our next destination in Kanlawig Hot Spring. It is just along the road going to poblacion proper. The location was great with a wide plain in its background as well as the mighty Mount Candalaga.

Having Kanlawig Hot Spring as your last spot to visit before going home is really a relaxing feeling. You can relax your tired body after trekking such majestic falls. The warmth of water is just mild and soothing to skin.

For further info and hiring a guide, please contact numbers below.

Provincial Tourism Office, Office of the Governor, Compostela Valley
Tel. No. (84) 3760140

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Breathtaking Marangig Falls at Mt. Candalaga, Maragusan, Compostela Valley

Marangig Falls Maragusan

Marangig Falls serves as an entry to climbing Mt. Candalaga. It is a system of waterfalls consisting of 13 levels surrounded by trees and different shrubs.

According to legend, Marangig Falls is home to a ship known as Donya Marangig. Once in a while, residents would hear the blow of the horn and see that the river's waters have overflown. The shifting of the water, according to the locals, means that the ship is moving but the ship is invisible.

Marangig Falls Maragusan

The province is one of the untapped natural gems of the country. Its thick, undisturbed forest serves as home to numerous endemic and endangered flora and fauna. These include the Rafflesia, the world’s biggest flower. Marangig Falls peak season is during Holy Week, as mountaineers never fail to discover what inside on this forest. You too, don't miss to visit this place and enjoy the breathtaking nature and indulging waterfalls.

Aside from this, Compostela Valley has several scenic spots waiting to be ‘discovered’ for the world to see.

Location: Mt. Candalaga, Maragusan, Compostela Valley
Provincial Tourism Office, Office of the Governor, Compostela Valley
Tel. No.(084) 376-0140

Contact them if you need a guide and help for Maragusan accomodations.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fun Slides at Maxima Aqua Fun Resort Samal Island

Maxima Aqua Fun Resort is the best place for fun slides beaches. It doesn't have shore like other beaches but instead it has a cliff on the edge with giant slides that extends towards the water, makes it dramatic specially during sunset.

The waters are crystal clear and deep which makes it very perfect for snorkeling and diving. Maxima Aqua Fun Resort is known because of it's long water slide that drops you down to a 100 feet water. Shaking? No, don't worry, you will wear a life vest to help you float on water and there are lifeguards waiting for you on the water. Very secure and safe.

Maxima Aqua Fun Resort Samal Island

There are few cottages, there are grills available for cooking. And for fun activities like diving and snorkeling, equipments are all available with fee of course. When going to Maxima Aqua Fun Resort, you must bring all utensils and food you needed because there's no shop near at the resort. Inside they sell drinks but a bit higher rate. You can also stay overnight if you want. You can choose various of lodgings or you can bring your own tents if you choose to camp out.

Maxima Aqua Fun Resort Samal Island

How To Get There

Getting there is very easy specailly when you bring your own car. If not, then take a bus with Samal Island route. Usually Samal Island bus terminal are located in Sta. Ana wharf and in Sasa Wharf. Then from bus terminal, take a motorcycle that will take you to Maxima Aqua Fun Resort.

Maxima Aqua Fun Resort Samal Island

Here are the Rates for Maxima Aqua Fun Resort

Package A - PHP200.00 (per person)


-free use of lifevest
-free use of tables and chairs
-unlimited use of diving board
-unlimited use of tampoline
-unlimited use of the slide

Package B - PHP250.00 (per person)


-free use of lifevest
-free use of tables and chairs
-unlimited use of diving board
-unlimited use of tampoline
-unlimited use of the slide
-Eagle view of Canopy walk

(Every Saturday and Sunday only)
Other Rates

-Children Rate (2 yrs to 10 years old) -P150 per person
-Eagle View Canopy Walk - P50.00 per head
-Camping (overnight) - P350 per head
-tent for Rent (good for 3 pax) - P300 per tent
-Aquafun cottage (overnight) - P1,800 (max of 4 pax)
-Bigote dormitory (overnight) - P500 per head

Equipments Available for Rent:

Jetski - P3500 per hour
Jetski with banana boat (max of 6 pax)-P4,000 per hour
Banana boat ride (max of 6 pax) - P250.00 per person per 15 mins.
Kayak boat (max of 2 pax) - P300 per hour

Transport Options

Speedboat (max of 10 pax)
Roundtrip Sta Ana. Pier to Maxima - P6500
Roundtrip Penaplata pier to Maxima - P3000
Roundtrip Beach house to Maxima - P1000

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dayang Beach Resort - Linusotan Talicud, Samal Island

Been with so many resorts last summer and one nice resorts that I like the most is the Dayang Beach Resort located in Talicud Island. Unlike common resorts, typically they have massive people specially during summer yet the place is nice, renovated and some of them truly a high class.

dayang beach resort samal island

But Dayang Beach Resort is a quite place with white fine sand, i mean really not yet fully developed and not a common resort to people. Dayang Beach Resort is a private resort before and only caretakers and owners friends can go at the resort however due to more demand, Dayang Beach Resort was open to public last 2 years ago, I think.

Dayang is a Muslim term which means "Princess" and they said if you go there caretakers will treat you like a princess and princes however due to low power they have on the place, treating like a princess term doesn't sound to be an exact term when you are that resort. But I apprecite the kindness of the owner and the caretakers, really they are nice and approachable.

dayang beach resort samal island

When I visit Dayang Beach Resort, I fell in love with the water. Like any other resorts in Talicud Island, the waters are really the best compared to resorts in Samal Island fronting Davao City. Cottages are already available, you can choose cottage variety like a closed two storey nipa hut cottage or a close cottage for two or 5 persons and an open cottages for a very low prices. During my stay, I got a room that is worth only PHP500.00 and good for 5 persons. The cottage has already beddings, light and electric fan. There's no entrance fee when you get a cottage and there's no food and beverage corkage. You can let the caretakers cook your food and just pay for like PHP30.00 per 1 kilo rice. Very affordable.

Dayang Beach Resort's comfort room is not that good because only sea waters available on the faucet but I think it would still do since the water is not itchy. The electricty is limited. It is only powered by a generator. You cannot charged mobile phones, insert sound components because it is only limited, however during our stay, the owners permit us to charge cellphone and portable DVD player at her house for free.

dayang beach resort samal island

All in all, Dayang Beach Resort is a recommended place if you don't like a crowded resorts. Good for confidential meetings, relaxing and chilling moments and can be a place for a family outing. Very affordable, nice and secure. Secure because Dayang Beach Resort has security guard.

How To Get There

Getting to Dayang Beach Resort is very easy. I am from Davao City and if you want to go there, from Sta. Ana Wharf, you can ride a boat named J N Rey. That boat goes directly to Dayang Beach Resort and leaves the wharf at 1:30PM. May extend depending on the volume of the passenger. The same boat leaves at Dayang Beach Resort at exactly 7:00AM. There's no other sheduled boat trip however if you want to go early in the morning, you can ride a boat that goes to Dadatan Wharf, Talicud Island and then ride a motorcycle that will take you to Dayang Beach Resort. Boat fare is only PHP60.00 and will took approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Other photos taken at Dayang Beach Resort, Talicud Island

dayang beach resort samal island

dayang beach resort samal island

dayang beach resort samal island

dayang beach resort samal island

dayang beach resort samal island

dayang beach resort samal island

dayang beach resort samal island

Dayang Beach Resort
Linusotan Talicud, Samal Island

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Babu Santa Beach Resort - Linusotan Talicud, Samal Island

babu santa samal island

White sand beaches, fresh water under the sun is truly a refreshing moment during this hot summer. One undeveloped but nice beach resort in IGACOS is the Babu Santa Beach Resort. Babu Santa was named after a woman named Babu who was a cheerful giver just like Santa Claus. It is exactly located on the last part of Talicud Island.

The resort isn't crowded because it is not yet fully developed, very far from other resorts in Talicud Island and there's no electricity however the place is very ideal in you want peace of mind and wanted to be far from a chaotic city.

Babu Santa Beach Resort is affordable. There's no entrance free and the open cottage is only PHP300.00. There's no electricity however you can stay overnight if you want. The closed cottage is only PHP500.00 and good for 5-6 persons. You can also bring tent. They don't charge corkage for food and drinks. Very affordable.

However, the travel time going to Babu Santa Beach Resort is really time consuming. It is very far from Davao City since it is located on the very last part of Talicud Island. And you can only spent a little time because the boat going to Babu Santa Beach Resort has only one schedule and only one boat schedule when leaving the resort. But you can enjoy the place, go any time you want and leave any time you want if you hire a private boat for your trip.

How to Get to Babu Santa Beach Resort

babu santa samal island

From Sta. Ana wharf, there's a boat going to Babu Santa. It usually leaves the wharf at exactly 1:30PM. You can ask people on the docking station about the boat going to Babu Santa. The boat fare is only PHP60.00. The same boat will also pick you up at the resort at exactly 7:00am. So meaning if you travel through those boat schedules, you will only have a limited time enjoying the resort. From 1:30PM to 7:00AM and take note, there's no other boat schedule going to Babu Santa Beach Resort aside from that. The travel will took you 1 hour and half.

If you wish to stay longer on the resort, you can hire a private boat. There are many on the wharf and just asked them.

Babu Santa Beach Resort Contact Number
Mobile Number: +63919-2398308

Location: Linusotan, Kaputian District Talicud, IGACOS

babu santa samal island

babu santa samal island

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Making an Effective Itinerary for a Successful Travel

One best experience and the most exciting feeling is getting a chance to travel around the world. It is everybody's dream. When we step a destined places, we really never want to miss every single nice tourist spost rested on that certain place and to give you a start light up step, I will reveal some methods and tips in preparing your itinerary.

1. First is to list down all places you want to visit. You can start places near to your region. Let's say you live in Mindanao, then list first all the places you want to visit in Mindanao. Select your first choice then proceed to step two.

2.] On the selected location, you can list all nice spots in a sheet of paper. You can do research to get all places in a certain region. Divide it into three category, first a must see, second a must doa nd third a must eat then estimate how many places you can visit within the time span of your trip.

3.] On your primary destination, write down how you will be able to get there, how much time your departure will take.

4.] Next step is to create a detailed to do list on the first day of your tour. Example, you arrived at 6am, then list down to do list like having a breakfast, preparing for tour and a to do list until you get back home.

5.] Know the amount needed on the trip. You can make a budget plan. One good tip is that instead of eating in expensive restaurant why not have a simple and good breakfast at affordable price. Also, to prepare and save money for that trip, make also a daily budget each day.

6.] When your planned trip is nearly coming, prepare your thing and pack up. Remember to bring only important ones, click here to check out the list of essential things that you should bring. Avoid things that are heavy to carry because it will not be convenient and be reminded to avoid bringing things that you can't afford to lose.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tagbibinta Falls in Maragusan, Compostela Valley

Tagbibinta Falls

Mindanao region is truly blessed with numerous waterfalls. Some of them are presently used as the source of electricity for little towns in Mindanao. One great and enticing waterfalls can be found in Maragusan, Compostela Valley. It is known as Tagbibinta Falls where a lot of people visit the place specially lenten season. Compostela Valley is one of the best Mindanao tourist spots.

Tagbibinta falls is measured 700 feet high and it is a series of seven falls located in Maragusan, Compostela Valley. The trek to Tagbibinta falls is minimal in terms of pace but if you feel to face a trekking challenge, this is the best place for you to start. It offers great challenge for trekkers to conquer all seven falls.

Tagbibinta Falls

How To Get There

Getting there is very easy. From Davao City, you can ride a van going to Compostela Valley. There are north bound van terminal in Bajada Victoria Plaza and SM Lanang.

If you choose bus liners, go to Ecoland bus terminal and take a bus going to Compostela and stop at Nabunturan - the provincial capital of Compostela Valley. Then hire a motorcyle or habal-habal to take you to Barangay Coronobe, Maragusan.

Barangay Coronobe is only 5 kilometers from the town proper. Again, if you are unsure and feeling lost, you are free to ask any locals.

If you want to get a guide, you can arrange with the local tourism office in Maragusan and ask some help of a guide to be with you during your trek. And if you don't have vehicle, it is also good to hire a "habal-habal" for your entire tour.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

List of Important Things to Bring When Hiking

1.] Bag
When traveling, your bag is considered as your life. It is advised to bring light weight backpacks to make you feel comfortable when hiking. Don't bring unnecessary things, this will just make your bag heavy and lose pace and strength.

2.] Tent or Sleeping Bag
You really don't want to sleep on mud, grass or cold ground, would you? So don't forget to bring tent or sleeping bag with you to have at least comfortable sleep and will keep you at least from cold.

3.] Foods
Avoid too many canned goods because it will only make your luggage heavy. Mountaineers will bring enough rice, viand that will last longer like adobo, binagoongan and noodles.

4.] Clothes
Don't bring too many clothes. Choose light weight clothing,  you can wear shorts instead of pants and silk tops to fold it small as possible. Clothes that will dry easily. Jacket is also important. This can help you keep warm during cold nights. Swim wear- bring this as extra if you think you might be needing some.

To make 2 pairs of clothing usefull in a couple of days, you can wash used clothes and then dry it. Trek pants and silk clothes dry easily. Climbing forest with high level of difficulty, you should wear a light trek pants and long sleeve tops to keep you away from mosquitoes and leech. These are essential depending on the location you will visit.

5.] Foot Wear
Hiking shoes and sandals are efficient if you trek slippery forest. You can bring both if you want but I'm sure there's no space inside your bag. Some backpackers just hang their footwear on their packs.

6.] Swiss Army Knife
An ordinary little knife will do if you don't have a swiss army knife. This is very useful. It can be used as can or bottle opener and etc. When passing through airport, you should place it in your checked luggage so that it won't be confiscate in airport security.

7.] First Aid Kit
Medications and other healthcare stuffs are also important. Headache, Wounds, cuts and burns might happen during your hike and it is better to be prepared.

8.] Torch Light or Head Lamp
Very useful specially for night emergencies and night trekking.

9.] Camera and Batteries
Picture taking is always present in travel time. I mean, all of us wants a sovenier before leaving the place and pictures are the perfect one.

10.] Mobile Phone
For some reason, it is advisable to bring any device that can contact other people in case of emergencies. Pray for a good signal when you're in mountain if emergency occurs.

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