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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mergrande Ocean Resort - Toril Davao City

Like every cities, Davao City is widely known for having a numerous beautiful and cool swimming pools. One resort that you should put on your travel list when visiting Davao City is the Mergrande Ocean Resort.

This summer we decided to try Mergrande Ocean Resort since it is near to our location. Living in Davao City, this is my very first time to visit the resort. How awkward it is! And I was amazed with the beauty of those landscaping I saw when we arrived. The resort has a nature ambiance which is really cool and very relaxing.

Entering the resort you will see a mountain like wall at the back of the pool with a waterfalls effects from the top - a really breathtaking landscapes. This makes the resort attractive. Since that was summer time, the place is so full. We enjoy though the pool wasn't that deep as we expected. Depth is only 5 ft. No diving but still there are lots to do to have fun. And truly, the resort is really cool, that's the thing I can assure you. :D

Unlike other swimming pools, Mergrande's pool floor level was painted in mint green that gives the water a green color. This is perfectly designed to make it match to it's nature like ambiance.

mergrande ocean resort

mergrande ocean resort

There were small cottages available inside and a cafeteria. Bringing of food isn't allowed inside however there are cottages outside, cottages that are really meant for people who's in the beach but then you can pay for one cottage if you want to bring many foods. I don't really recommend the beach because it's dangerous due to it's inconsistent sea level. The huge nipa hut cottage is only PHP300.00. Prices in cafeteria is also expensive so it is more good to bring foods with you and take a cottage outside.

You can experience Mergrande Ocean Resort for a low price. Entrance fee is only PHP20.00 and PHP10.00 for children. The pool is open until 11:00PM.

How To Get There

It is easy to get there, starting point, let's say in Davao City proper. You can take a PUJ with Toril route at Bonifacio St. and then just ask the driver to drop you at Mergrande's highway. Then take a motorcycle to reach the place. If you get a taxi in case you are not comfortable in PUJ, that is also good. Davao City taxi drivers are very honest, no taxi meter cheat and they are hospitable. So when you travel Davao City, don't forget to try Mergrande Ocean Resort.

Room Rates
- Aircon Cottages P 1,500.00($30.00)
- Pirate Aircon Cottages P 1,250.00($25.00)
- Fisherman Non- aircon P 800.00($16.00)

Mergrande Ocean Resort
Bago Aplaya, Talomo District, near AH 26, Davao City 8000
(082) 2984100

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Boracay Resorts said...
May 5, 2011 at 9:55 AM

Ang ganda naman dyan, yung water falls maganda ang set up.

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