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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Davao's Best Wavepool at Emars Hotel Restaurant and Beach Resort

emars wave pool davao city

Beaches are alluring because of it's huge waves however kids cannot enjoy beaches like this because it is risky to them. Emars Wavepool Hotel, Restaurant and Beach Resort offers the best and new fun summer time and water tripping with it's artificial wave pool. Yes, you heard it right, swimming pool with big waves. This makes Emars known in Davao City, it is more fun than ordinary swimming pool.

emars wave pool davao city emars wave pool davao city

Aside from the cool water splashes, Emars has an elegant ambiance and sophisticated function halls and mini park areas. From the cottages up to it's hotel and restaurant, Emars Wavepool is really the best.

emars wave pool davao city emars wave pool davao city

Emars Wavepool Hotel, Restaurant and Beach Resort has 85 airconditioned rooms with cable TV, Internet Wifi ready and with private comfort rooms. Their restaurants has a grill house and KTV, they have minibar, coffee shop and a unique souvenir shop.

emars wave pool davao city emars wave pool davao city

With these kind of facilities and great services, off course it comes with a higher price but with it's high class services, your expenses will be truly worthy. Emars Wavepool Hotel, Restaurant and Beach Resort is located at Times Beach Matina, Davao City, Philippines. You can make a reservation through this numbers 297-87-99 and 299-07-78.

emars wave pool davao city

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Water Sports at Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark Samal Island

bluejaz resort samal

Like being an explorer? Looking for a very cool and fun resort for summer? Then take a look and try at Samal Island's Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark. Samal Island is known to have numerous resorts. One best resorts in Mindanao, Philippines is the Blue Jaz Beach Resort and Waterpark where giant slides and swimming pools are very cool aside from the beaches they have.

bluejaz resort samal bluejaz resort samal

Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark has it's function rooms, they offers boat ride and other beach fun activities. They have open cottages and air conditioned rooms to choose from. They also allowed staying overnight at the resort however price may change a little bit higher compare to day tour.

bluejaz resort samal bluejaz resort samal

Day tour entrance fee is only Php100.00 per head while Php200.00 when staying overnight. Their cottages may vary from sizes. Open cottage is more cheaper compared to private rooms.

Going to Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark is so very easy. Samal Island is located in Mindanao, Philippines. A few kilometer from Davao Island. You may take a Samal Island bus from Davao City. Or if you have a private vehicle with you then you can go directly at Sasa Wharf, a docking station of large boat where they can carry your vehicle and pay for it.

Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark is worth a try. So don't wait for summer. Experience it now and brag it to your friends.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Isla Vista Resort - Midpapan Pigcawayan, North Cotabato

Isla Vista Resort Surrounded with Rice Fields

Cotabato is now an emerging tourist place in Mindanao. There were hidden wonders such as Lake Sebu, Asik- Asik Falls and many undiscovered places. Before I was really scared to go there and limit myself traveling those places. But it proved me wrong when I went to Pigcawayan, North Cotabato. The locals are very nice. There was a saying that, people will treat you nice if you will treat them nice too. So being a traveler, foreigner to a certain place, your character really counts.

Rice Field Irregations

It is not really an unplanned trip going to North Cotabato. A friend of mine instantly invited us to visit Isla Vista Resort. We was enticed by his words and wonderful description on the said place so we immediately packed things up and found ourselves sitting in a van going to North Cotabato. While sitting on the van, I am thinking how great this resort can be. It was a 5 hour trip. We drop at Pigcawayan highway and waited a PUJ going to Midpapan I.

And from the PUJ terminal in Midpapan, we take a motorcycle going to Isla Vista Resort. It was really an ideal place for a vacation, to seek peace and sound mind. As we are riding on a motorcycle, we pass by a lot of rice fields and I was amazed when I found out that the resort was located in the middle of the rice fields. Unexpected really. :D

Before we reached the resort we needed to walk for a few kilometers in the middle of the rice fields, it's a cool view, all you can see is a very green rice fields. We also crossed and walked along the dike or irrigation.

Fish pond near the resort

When we reached Isla Vista Resort, the owner meet us and welcome us inside. He was very hospitable, friendly and nice.  The place is cool too, stress free and very relaxing. The swimming pool's depth is 7 feet. And I made a promise to myself that I should learn how to swim so that I can enjoy every aquatic events in the future. :D

 They have a kid's pool and the cottage location is very dramatic. Beside the swimming pool, there are two large ponds which is divided to separate variety of fishes like Bangus and Tilapia. The cottages are located between the two ponds. It was designed like that for you to go fishing while you are in the cottage. The fishes you catch will rate to 120.00-180.00 per kilo depending on the fish variety.

You can grill the fish for free and cook rice there, you just need to asked the care taker or the owner. Videoke system is also available for additional entertainment. All I can say that Isla Vista Resort is really a relaxing place and far away from crowded city.

Nice cottage location where you can do fishing

You should include this place in your list of  travel destinations and I would strongly recommend this resort if you will visit North Cotabato.

How To Get There

In order to get there, from Davao City simply take a van going to Kidapawan and North Cotabato. You can find the van terminal at Ecoland, Davao City. Van fare is only 210.00 and will took 5 hours before you can reach Midpapan.

From Midpapan I, ride a PUJ with Pigcawayan route and stop at the jeep terminal. From the terminal, there are motorcycles parked and just asked them to take you to Isla Vista Resort. Motorcycles cannot go through the rice fields pathway so you need to walk for a few meters to reach the place.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sweet Strawberries at Baguio City Strawberry Farm

Baguio City is one of the best places in the Philippines, it is a nice place to stay, cool, clean, quite and perfect for relaxing because of it's cold breeze. People in Baguio are very friendly and hospitable. In Baguio town, there are lots of parks to visit and should include the strawberry farm on your list..

strawberry in baguio city

Baguio city is known as a strawberry city where you can find large strawberry farms. Fresh starwberries are available in a low price, 70 pesos per kilo and you can pick them from the farm if you wanted to. They also have delicacies like preserved strawberry jams, strawberry wines, candies and pies.

strawberry in baguio city

strawberry in baguio city

How To Get There

It is easy to travel in Baguio City, you can take a bus from Pasay, Manila at victory bus liner. It will take you 5 hours before you can reach the city. To have a day tour, you can hire a taxi until the end of the day. Don't worry, taxi drivers in Baguio City are nice, funny and very hospitable. And if I will visit Baguio City again, I will surely contact and hire our nice tour guide again.

For more info on how to get there and for more tour guide contact numbers in Baguio City, please check this link - Baguio Tour Guide and Taxi Rental and Rider's Lodge 

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mergrande Ocean Resort - Toril Davao City

Like every cities, Davao City is widely known for having a numerous beautiful and cool swimming pools. One resort that you should put on your travel list when visiting Davao City is the Mergrande Ocean Resort.

This summer we decided to try Mergrande Ocean Resort since it is near to our location. Living in Davao City, this is my very first time to visit the resort. How awkward it is! And I was amazed with the beauty of those landscaping I saw when we arrived. The resort has a nature ambiance which is really cool and very relaxing.

Entering the resort you will see a mountain like wall at the back of the pool with a waterfalls effects from the top - a really breathtaking landscapes. This makes the resort attractive. Since that was summer time, the place is so full. We enjoy though the pool wasn't that deep as we expected. Depth is only 5 ft. No diving but still there are lots to do to have fun. And truly, the resort is really cool, that's the thing I can assure you. :D

Unlike other swimming pools, Mergrande's pool floor level was painted in mint green that gives the water a green color. This is perfectly designed to make it match to it's nature like ambiance.

mergrande ocean resort

mergrande ocean resort

There were small cottages available inside and a cafeteria. Bringing of food isn't allowed inside however there are cottages outside, cottages that are really meant for people who's in the beach but then you can pay for one cottage if you want to bring many foods. I don't really recommend the beach because it's dangerous due to it's inconsistent sea level. The huge nipa hut cottage is only PHP300.00. Prices in cafeteria is also expensive so it is more good to bring foods with you and take a cottage outside.

You can experience Mergrande Ocean Resort for a low price. Entrance fee is only PHP20.00 and PHP10.00 for children. The pool is open until 11:00PM.

How To Get There

It is easy to get there, starting point, let's say in Davao City proper. You can take a PUJ with Toril route at Bonifacio St. and then just ask the driver to drop you at Mergrande's highway. Then take a motorcycle to reach the place. If you get a taxi in case you are not comfortable in PUJ, that is also good. Davao City taxi drivers are very honest, no taxi meter cheat and they are hospitable. So when you travel Davao City, don't forget to try Mergrande Ocean Resort.

Room Rates
- Aircon Cottages P 1,500.00($30.00)
- Pirate Aircon Cottages P 1,250.00($25.00)
- Fisherman Non- aircon P 800.00($16.00)

Mergrande Ocean Resort
Bago Aplaya, Talomo District, near AH 26, Davao City 8000
(082) 2984100

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Epol Waterfalls Former Epol Spring Resort - Holy Week Minor Climb

Epol Waterfalls

Seeing a waterfalls is an enchanted feeling. It is one of the best and exciting adventure that you should list on your blog journal. Since Philippines is blessed with so much nature wonders, then Philippines is expected to have large numbers of majestic waterfalls. However some of them are difficult to accomplish and extremely dangerous. And I know that there are still undiscovered waterfalls in the Philippines.

I know one good and safe waterfalls in Mindanao and should be listed as best Davao tourist spot too. It is easy to climb, human friendly forest and a recommended one to those who are just starting to do mountain climbing. The trek is very easy, no sweat at all. :D

I already visited this place when I was in high school but then blogging that time was not on my mind. That time, that huge stones you can see on the photos were so naturally beautiful but then on my second visit this year, those stones has now full of carved names, which is so sad to think that people who visited the place never gave value to it's beauty. Char only - :D

Epol Waterfalls Epol Waterfalls

Epol Waterfalls Epol Waterfalls

When we get there, it is really cold due to Marilog's climate plus it was a rainy day season. It is really foggy and it doubles the adventure because of the muddy trail we trek. There's a base camp where you can pitch your tent, there are also few cottages you can rent. From the base camp, you can reach the waterfalls in no time. The falls ins't that high and deep but when rainy season, the current  is strong  and waters go deep.

I would advise you to stay overnight at the base camp for many reasons. One reason is that traveling back and forth will took you so long, second you won't enjoy the place if you travel back the same day and possibly you cannot reach the exit trail before day is over. You wouldn't dare to trek forest at night, would you?

How To Get There

Epol waterfalls is located  in Marilog, Davao City.  Marilog District is a 100 kilometers from Davao proper and will take you almost 3 and half hour to travel. Epol falls was known as Green Valley waterfalls before.

From Davao City proper, you can reach Marilog by riding a bus via Cagayan Buda. Bus terminal is located at Ecoland, Davao City. Bus fare to Marilog is only 200.00. If the place is already foggy then that signifies that you just entered Marilog District. Tell the bus driver to drop you at Busai or Epol waterfalls. On the left road, there's a sign board pointing you where to start your trek down to the falls.

When you reached Marilog road,  started your trek immediately. There is entrance fee collected when you pass by at the first house going down the waterfalls. They used to collect fees to maintain the cleanliness of the falls.

To get back, same thing to do, wait a bus from the Epol road and buses will usually go back to Ecoland terminal. Easy right? Enjoy and happy travel! ^_^

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Villa de Mercedes Infinity Pool at Catigan Toril Davao del Sur

villa de mercedes pool davao

While white sand beaches are busy, why not try swimming pool instead? I been through with many resorts and lately I have visited this high class resort which I instantly listed as my another favorite Davao tourist spots and highly recommended resort for you this summer.

villa de mercedes pool davao

villa de mercedes pool davao

We actually intended to go for a house tripping at Villa de Mercedes, located at Toril, Davao City. Thanks to Ma'am Marlene of Moreno Agency. :D And as we go around the subdivision, one of the housing agent told us to check out the swimming pool. As we reached the place, it is really captivating. The beauty of the resort is first class and modern type. Indeed a breath taking place. Actually I though that it is considered as a private resort for Villa de Mercedes home owners but surprisingly they allow outsiders to enjoy the resort for a low price.

villa de mercedes pool davao

Let me first describe the pool. Villa de Mercedes swimming pool is infinity, not typically ideal for diving (if you expected it to be uber deep)  The swimming pool is designed to be a beach like with white sand and shore. There is also a kid's pool.

villa de mercedes pool davao

You can play volleyball behind the benches near the pool and still it's a white sand. You can do sun bathing using the benches on the side.

For food, there is a restaurant near the entrance gate. They serve different delicious meals, pastries, snacks and ice cream. Bringing of foods inside the pool area is not allowed however there's a walking distance cottages outside for free and you can leave your food and things there and lock the cottage when going back to the pool.

villa de mercedes pool davao

You can stay overnight at the cottage if you wish but swimming pool is only open until 11:00PM. Villa de Mercedes swimming pool has a breath taking view during day time and captivating view when night comes. Different lights are all over the place and underwater lights changed to different colors which adds dramatic effect to the place.

villa de mercedes pool davao

villa de mercedes pool davao

How To Get There

I'm sure you will also gonna love this one. Now if you want to enjoy this resort, getting there is very easy. First you need to be in Davao City and then make a reservation to the resort. You can only enter the subdivision if you have access inside or with any Villa de Mercedes agency or if you have a friend who lives in Villa de Mercedes Subdivision.

You are lucky if the agency will offer to tour you and bring you there using their van. If you don't want that, you can take Toril PUJ, stop are Toril proper - exactly in Chowking and take motorcycle to reach the resort. Taxi is also recommended. You may want to get the contact number of taxi or motorcycle drivers to fetch you because no taxi will be there at night.

At the guard house, inform that you have a reservation and give the agency name or your inside contact. In our case, we made this possible through Moreno Agency. You may want to contact them to. They are real estate agency that provides housing tour on Villa de Mercedes and they also entertain people who want's to try the swimming pool.

Entrance Fees

Swimming pool entrance fee is only Php150.00 every weekdays and Php200.00 every weekends and cottage is free. They are very strict with swimming wear. Only silk swim wear are allowed.

Important: Hire a taxi driver to pick you up when you leave at night. Vehicle are hard to catch up when going back.

Updated Entrance Fees Prior 2016

Monday-Friday - Entrance fee (Day and Night Tour) Php150.00
Saturday and Sunday - Entrance fee (Day and Night Tour) Php200.00
The additional was for towel rental.

Villa de Mercedes
Catigan Toril, Davao City, Davao del Sur Philippines

Moreno Agency/Ma'am Marlene
+639072714156 (SMART)
+639176322880 (GLOBE)
+639235828328 (SUN)

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Botanical Garden, Mines View, and Wright Park Riding

wright park baguio city

After Manila trip, we headed to our real destination which is in Baguio City. Baguio City is one of the top and best places in the Philippines. Nice places and cold breeze awaits you in Baguio City. 5 to 6 hours will be consumed when you travel from Manila to Baguio. We reached Baguio City around 9pm. You can feel the cold breeze as you step in the city. The road is nicely curved, it is high enough to view the city lights down the road.

For affordable inns, you can go to directly to Tuvera Inn or Riders Lodge. You can check out my first blog post about our day tour in Baguio City -- Baguio City Tour Part 1

Botanical Garden

The next spot is the Botanical Garden, Wright Park Riding and the White Mansion. You can experience horse back riding for a lower price.

botanical garden baguio city

botanical garden baguio city

The White Mansion

white mansion baguio city

white mansion baguio city

Mines View

The last place we visited is the Mines View. This is the best spot for me. Mines View is the highest place in Baguio City where you can see places at the bottom. It is like a mountain viewing. At Mines View also you can see Doglas, a large St. Bernard dog breed. This is on of the best places I traveled and must be also included in your travel list.

mines view baguio city

mines view baguio city

mines view baguio city

Total cost of Baguio Tour per head is at least 7,000 and up depending on how many days you will stay there. It includes plane fare, hotel, food, Baguio fare and pocket money. To save money, book a flight through Cebu Pacific Air and PAL promos.

Baguio Tour Guide and Taxi rental
Kuya Sam
+639173554788 (Globe)

Rider's Lodge
Naguilian Road, Baguio City, Philippines

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wandering in Manila, Mall of Asia and Makati City

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. It is a known city where they have numerous large buildings and business centers though some part of it are crowded. Last March 5, 2009, we arrived at Manila through Cebu Pacific. Our goal is to visit Mall of Asia and try to experience how difficult it is living in Manila, as what I've heard from my relatives who lived there.

manila philippines

We are disappointed with the taxi drivers. Their "modus operandi" is to reason out that their fare meter is not working and giving us an amount which we are not really sure if that was the exact fare amount. The only nice place is Manila is the Makati City. You will be amazed with their tall buildings and clean surroundings. The rest part of Manila is crowded specially those MRT/LRT terminals where every people are in rush.

manila philippines manila philippines

manila philippines manila philippines

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