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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Land of Promise Sightseeing at Gap Farm - Diversion Road Davao City

I am proud to be born and raised in the land of Promise - Davao City. The Davao City's pride and one of Davao's best and ideal family trip location - the Gap Farm. I can still appreciate the place until now. I remember my childhood days when I was sliding on each letter on the "Land of Promise". :D
gap farm davao cityLand of Promise view from top

gap farm davao cityGap Farm Park Entrance

I recommend you to visit Gap Farm when you travel in Davao City. There are lots to see - parks, statues, fruit farm and playground for kids. Gap Farm has swimming pool too. The pool is very big, best for aquatic fitness and for relaxation. The floor area of the pool is elevated vertically. If you don't know how to swim, it is safe to stay at the right side. 

The entrance fee is only 15.00. Swimming pool entrance is 100.00 and cottage is free. They don't allow staying overnight. 

How To Get There

Gap Farm  is located at Diversion Road, Davao City near Woodridge. I suggest you to take a cab, ask the driver to take you there as there are no routes for PUJ going there. And I am proud to say that Davao City's cab drivers are honest. ^_^

gap farm davao cityThe Pool

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hagimit Falls in Penaplata, Samal Island

hagimit falls samal

Waterfalls is one of my favorite place given to us from our mother nature. I am willing to sacrifice long walk to see a very scenic view of waterfalls and in fact, it's a worth walk after all, seeing enchanting falls. But in case, you are not fun of walking too far but want to try taking a bath in a waterfalls, then Hagimit Falls is ideal for you. It is convenient and ideal for family trips and bonding with kids. 

I've been to Hagimit Falls before when it was still undeveloped. And I can say that, Mindanao is truly blessed when it comes to nature. You can really feel the jungle adventure while walking going to falls. So exciting!

And Just this year, I came back to Hagimit Falls to join a batch reunion. Guess what? Hagimit Falls has now a stairway half down going to waterfalls. There are lots of cottages too and entrance gate. They also have electricity which is really good for the convenience of the tourist. Good thing they didn't make a stairway up until you reach the falls. You will no longer feel the nature essence if that would happen. :D

hagimit falls samal hagimit falls samal

hagimit falls samal hagimit falls samal

Hagimit is a cascading falls. You can stay at the bottom portion but if you like you can go further at the very top where you can see many nice spots. 

hagimit falls samal hagimit falls samal

hagimit falls samal hagimit falls samal

hagimit falls samal hagimit falls samal

How To Get There

To reach Hagimit falls, simply take a bus from Sta. Ana wharf in Davao City going to Samal Island. Bus terminal is located on Magsaysay Ave., You can also take a barge or a small boat. When you reached PeƱaplata, get a motorcycle and tell them to take you at Hagimit. 

hagimit falls samal hagimit falls samal

hagimit falls samal hagimit falls samal

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jones Beach Resort - Talomo Davao City

Swimming pool is ideal for relaxing, making stress free routine and could be really  fun specially summer. Also ideal for night swimming. Every summer, as a family, it is our habit to plan for a summer outing, no matter where and how far as long as we can gather the whole family for fun. We decided to try the swimming pool at Jones Beach Resort located at Talomo, Davao City. 

They have two swimming pools for kids and adult. Kids pool has water slides and 2 ft in depth and the other one is not that really big and 6 ft in depth, elevated. In short, it is also nice. I been with so many swimming pools and Jones Beach Resort will surely be loved by kids too.

 The entrance fee is only Php50.00 and Php300.00 for the open cottage. We didn't plan to stay for the night at the resort because the pool is only available until 11:00PM.

jones beach resort davao jones beach resort davao

jones beach resort davao jones beach resort davao

- Swimming Pool with slides and playground
- Swimsuits / Trunks rental
- Videoke
- Bar/Store within the resort
- Open Cottages
- Function Hall
- Pavillion
- Tree Houses
- Suite Rooms

Airconditioned Room Available
- Camia Room 1-6 with aircon, TV and toilet bath - good for 4pax
- Camia Room 7-8 with aircon, TV and toilet bath - good for 2pax
- Camia Room 9-10 with aircon, TV and toilet bath - good for 8pax
- Camia Suite with aircon, TV, toilet bath and refrigerator - good for 12pax
- Whitehouse Suite with aircon, TV and toilet bath
- Kubo Type 1-4 non-air with fan - good for 2pax

You may contact them for reservations or visit Jones Beach Resort on Facebook.

Jones Beach Resort
Salakot Drive, Talomo, Davao City
Ms. Emma Santaren
+63 (082) 298-1558

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